How To Get From Istanbul Airport to City Center

Uncertain precisely how to obtain from Istanbul Airport to the community center of Istanbul (Taksim or Sultanahmet)?

Worry not.

Whether you’re coming from Istanbul’s brand new airport (IST) or maybe Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW), you will find lots of choices to reach the community center regardless of what budget type you’ve.

Without further ado, we need to go directly into the various methods to obtain from Istanbul Airport to the community center!

Where’s The Istanbul Airport (IST) Located?

IST Airport in regard to the community center of Istanbul (Click for additional details)

Inaugurated in 2018, the Istanbul Airport (IST) is the newest terminal in Istanbul. It had taken over most passenger flights from the existing Istanbul Ataturk Airport, and that is currently closed and just utilized for cargo & maintenance services.

The Istanbul Airport is situated in the Çatalca-Göktürk-Arnavutköy area, aproximatelly thirty eight km (23.5 miles) from Taksim plus forty one km (25.4 miles) from Sultanahmet. It’s on the European aspect of Turkey, contrary to the SAW Airport, which is situated on the Asian aspect.

Public Transportation From Istanbul Airport to City Center

You will find choices that are several to obtain through the brand new Istanbul Airport to the community center, though not one is as inexpensive as utilizing Istanbul’s great public transportation program. But before we choose which bus to hop on (or maybe metro), you have to buy an Istanbulkart!

Getting An Istanbulkart At The Istanbul Airport

The Istanbulkart vending machines in IST Airport

The Istanbulkart is an indispensable card with regards to mastering public conveyance in Istanbul. Essentially, it’s a reusable contactless saved valued card in which you are able to place cash on it and also utilize it to spend a fare on public transportation.

As you can’t pay with money on public transportation, it’s a thing you should have if you wish to take buses, ferries, trams, or metros. It’s actually utilized to purchase using public restrooms.

Regardless of how long is the Istanbul itinerary of yours, it’s essential to purchase an Istabulkart the second you get off the flight of yours! Luckily, you will find Istanbulkart vending machines in which you are able to purchase your own personal.

Regrettably, the Istanbulkart vending machines just accept Turkish Liras. That suggests you have to exchange some neighborhood currency in the terminal or even remove a few Turkish Lira from the ATM.

We do not recommend swapping Turkey currency in the terminal due to the horrendous rates. The ATMs are fantastic however, as several of them are based upon international rates. The ATMs which charged us no charges were Ziraat Bankasi and also HSBC.

When you’ve the money of yours, you are able to buy the Istanbulkart, that costs ten TL. Once you’ve the card, you are able to top it in place working with the identical machine to ensure you’ve plenty for the trip.

The Istanbulkart vending machines are placed on the -2 amount of the arrivals at Istanbul Airport.

Buses From Istanbul Airport to City Center

The public buses from Istanbul Airport to community facility depart out of the -2 level of the arrivals in Istanbul Airport, conveniently in which you are able to additionally receive the Istanbulkart. The public buses are operated by IETT (Istanbul Electricity, Tunnel) and also Tramway.

In case you’re likely to Sultanahmet (the historic center of Istanbul):

You then are going to want to capture the H 9 IETT bus, get off at Cevizlibağ, after which transform on the T1 tram towards Eminonu or Kabatas. From Cevizlibağ, it’s eleven stops on the T1 tram for getting to Sultanahmet stop.

The H 9 IETT bus runs each day from six AM to 7:30 PM with a frequency of each two to 2.5 hours. The whole journey takes aproximatelly 2.5 hours, if you’re fortunate with the traffic.

As the frequency of the H 9 bus is very uncommon and it does not run all of the time, you may not have the ability to take the H 9 bus even in case you like. If so, the 24/7 IETT H 2 bus to Mecidiyeköy may be the best bet of yours.

The H 2 runs every fifteen to thirty mins and also transports you to Mecidiyeköy. From there, stroll to Sisli station in which you are able to hop on the M2 metro locomotive (using the Istanbulkart) towards Yenikapi and get off at Vezneciler.

From Vezneciler, it’s a brief 5 minute walk to Laleli Universite tram stop, in which you are able to get the T1 tram towards Eminonu or Kabatas. The T1 tram stops at Sultanahmet in three stops.

one bus, one metro, along with One tram, simply missing the ferry and also you will feel all of the modes of public conveyance in Istanbul. Do not worry, it may seem intimidating in the beginning but the task is not really a shame.

With this particular method, you would go to Sultanahmet in aproximatelly 2.5 hours, based on the traffic condition. Know that the trams and metro operate until midnight.

How you can get to Sultanahmet from IST Airport using Havaist buses:

Getting to Sultanahmet once were hassle free together with the Havaist buses, though it’s not the truth. The iST 20 bus utilized to have passengers from Istanbul Havalimani (Istanbul Airport) straight to Sultanahmet. But due to the latest situation, service to iST 20 is suspended until more notice.

By the precious time you’re reading through this guide, the iST 20 may be back all set up, or maybe it may be under an alternative route number, or maybe it may remain unavailable.

If the immediate Havaist shuttle to Sultanahmet is not running, it’s nonetheless easy to make use of the Havaist buses to arrive at Sultanahmet, though you are going to need to create a transfer.

Take iST 12 for Beyazit Meydan (Beyazit Square) from IST Airport. When you turn up, Sultanahmet Square is a 15 minute walk away. Conversely, you are able to get the T1 tram towards Kabatas or maybe Eminonu from Beyazit tram station. Sultanahmet is just two stops away.

Personal Shuttle From Istanbul Airport to City Center

If you want luxury, convenience and security, then a private Istanbul airport taxi will be the fastest way to obtain from Istanbul Airport to community facility. There’s truly no trick that will get a private shuttle, you let them know the place you’re staying in Istanbul, the car owner picks you up in the airport, after which they lower you off.