Atlas Mountains travel guide

Like Morocco could not get much more exciting geographically, with the Atlantic and Mediterranean on only one side, and the Sahara on the other, the Atlas Mountains spread their greatness right down the center. Like not the twain shall meet. Split into the 3 areas, the High Atlas in central Morocco, south of Marrakech, are family home to Mt. Toubkal as well as the eponymous national park, probably the highest peak in North Africa. These fall down on the reduced peaks of the Anti Atlas even further south, in which you are able to hike to peaks like Jebel Aklim (2,531m) with views that are stunning across on the biggies in the north. The Middle Atlas in the far northwest would be the backdrop for Meknes and also Fez, extra established for Day trip Atlas mountains than full on mountain immersion. Only one point most of the mountain ranges have in common: The Berber folks. Traditional, believing and also tuned in to sustainable, mountain lifestyle, they direct you into the community of theirs with nobility and knowledge.
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Is an Atlas Mountains holiday for you?

Go to the Atlas Mountains if… … you like to trek in untouched wilderness. You can find loads of pro mountain books to point you, with muleteers to hold the bags of yours, and the valleys, canyons, peaks just go on indefinitely – with rarely someone else to be seen.
… you’ve encountered Morocco before and like the lifestyle, but wish to see something apart from the souks, Sahara or sea. This’s the acreage of the Berber, and also they are going to welcome you and take care of you, so long as you admire the mountains of theirs.
… you’re anxious of Morocco’s heat. The Atlas Mountains are far cooler compared to the majority of the Morocco, maybe even in summer time, where there could be a 15°C difference. Bring lots of levels.
… summits are your point. Mount Toubkal is among the world’s very best climbs, and also probably the highest peak in North Africa at 4,167m. It need to simply be tackled with expert very high mountain guides, nonetheless, as this’s a strenuous trek in all of seasons, and also in cold weather you are going to need lessons in alpinism.
Do not visit the Atlas Mountains if… … the concept of yours of luxury is actually swimming pools plus cocktail lounges. You are able to remain in stunning kasbahs leading out to several of the world’s greatest trekking though you will not locate cocktails and swimming pools. Respecting real mountain and also Berber tradition is exactly what the Atlas are about. And many Atlas holidays include camping or even staying in fundamental mountain gites.
…you want desert heat. Right now there may be ice until April, rain at all time, plus the temps are substantially smaller compared to the majority of Morocco.
…you are far more into Michelin Stars than star gazing. Fresh mint tea overlooking the amazing summit of Jebel Toubkal is the flavor you won’t ever forget about. And also the Berber food is what has preserved these men mountain physically fit for generations.
…you do not do adventure. Simply remaining in a remote, stunning kasbah is adventure enough for several travellers, because the Atlas and adventure do generally go hand in hand. Even if they’re only an hour from Fes or Marrakech. Canyoning down waterfalls, six hour treks, cycling through canyons and crazy camping on plateaus is the territory you’re working with below.

What do trips to the Atlas Mountains entail?

You can find numerous strategies to visit this particular colossal artery which runs the length of Morocco, based on just how much you wish to immerse yourself in mountain magnificence. You are able to chill out there at a lovely Kasbah, inhale the mountain air, ingest the good views as well as actually eat superb Moroccan food. You are able to go hardcore and also summit Mount Toubkal, or maybe you are able to hike at the own speed of yours on a tailor made trip, traveling across the extremely high mountain passes. You are able to go hiking in all of seasons, as well as go for High, Anti or middle Atlas. And you are able to drive the boat out there and go canyoning, camping or cycling. The planet is the Atlas of yours.

Summiting Mount Toubkal
These trips are usually in groups that are little with more experienced high mountain leaders and porters. Summiting Mount Toubkal is a difficult expedition, particularly in cold weather, with a last climb to the summit of North Africa’s highest peak at 4,167m. It normally takes 3 days to finish, based on the path you may take, many starting off in the village of Imlil, only just over one hour from Marrakech, but a veritable portal into an additional world. Follow early mule tracks as much as a mountain hut at Toubkal Base Camp (3,207m) and after that begin the last ascent the following morning. You typically stop at another mountain gite like Arroumd on the way back down once again.