What are the benefits of fitting a Quick hitch to my digger?

A problem that we quite often get asked is’ What would be the advantages of fitting a quickhitch on my corner excavator?’

We’ve taken enough time to dig into this a bit more, as apart from several clear advantages, you will find some more subtle explanations why you ought to consider matching a quickhitch to the corner digger.

At first glance a fast hitch is able to are like a fair purchase, but use a think about these factors prior to making your decision:
Benefit Number one: Speed of changing buckets

The most apparent reason that individuals install a fast hitch is saving time when changing buckets. The hitch enables you to get buckets really easily and eliminates the desire to line up the bucket pins and hammer them in and out.
Benefit Number two: Less use on Bucket Pins

Lots of people overlook the advantage, but hammering the bucket pins in and also out inevitably harms the top of the pin over time, which means you’ve to get replacements. With a bucket pin for an ordinary 1.5 ton digger costing around £15 this price may easily add up.
Benefit Number three: Less probability of Damaging Bucket & Tipping Links

How often have you been called to site in which the buyer claims the pins came out, and you’re still left taking a look at a mangled, twisted mess of tipping back links and bucket back links and ram damage?

With an excavator quick hitch the pins are bolted in, this means that the possibility of the bucket pins developing is essentially reduced and thus prevents this particular scenario from occuring, possibly saving thousands of pounds worth of downtime and damages.
Benefit Number four: Increased Dig Depth

Perhaps not too high priority, though it’s undeniable that whenever you install a quickhitch to the digger of yours, it boosts the dig level by a couple of inches!

For anybody who’s on the borderline for wanting a bigger excavator, this are able to represent a big saving since you can proceed using your current digger!
Benefit Number five: Save bent hangers!

This point came from several customer feedback, and also to be good it was one thing we’d never thought off!

They found they had been running a great issue when delivering digger/dumper combinations to website as the buckets would usually get set into the skip of the dumper after which clients would tip them out the dumper onto the floor, usually bending the hangers at the same time.

What they told us was that if they fitted hitches to the diggers of theirs, the buckets of theirs and then went out there with the pins fitted which had the outcome of building up the bucket hangers saving them thousands of pounds of extra expenditures!