Should I Use a Case on My Phone?

You may believe that cases are just for the anal retentive that care about always keeping their cell phone perfect, but there is far more to it than that. Things you wish to consider include:

Drop Protection: Look, regardless of how very careful you’re, gravity is simply much stronger than you. You will most likely lower the cell phone of yours at least twice or once in the years which you have it. The amount of safety you really need, although, will depend on your phone: a lot of Android cell phones are designed a little harder, plus are far more apt to endure the unexpected drop (I am speaking from tons of expertise here). The iPhone four or perhaps 4S, on another hand, while gifted with beautiful looks, are much more apt to break if you drop them, therefore the argument for employing a situation grows into much better.

It is also well worth bringing up that perhaps cheap cases are able to provide you with drop protection by stopping you from shedding the telephone in the very first place. A great deal of cell phones have especially slippery backs, and a great situation is able to bring a little bit of hold to have it from sliding out of the hand of yours and onto the concrete. It still is not as well as getting an excellent case, though it is a lot better than going naked.

Protection for More than simply Cosmetics: Even in case you do not care about the unexpected scratch and even shattered back, there is far more in your telephone than that. Many cell phones (like the iPhone) use a camera lens flush with all the rear, indicating its a lot more susceptible to additional harm and scratches – which could create your photographs look quite awful. You might like to harm one of many buttons on the phone of yours, which could allow it to be a lot more of an inconvenience to work with than just a couple scratches.

Resale Value: which said, even in case you are not obsessive about the small scratches on the phone of yours, lots of individuals are – even though dropping your phone without a situation might not break it, it is going to create small scratches and nicks on your phone which will decrease the resale value. Putting a case on a phone is among the best ways to upgrade to a new phone free of charge – and so in case you sell your phones rather than keeping them all around, a case could be an excellent idea.

Stay Out in a Crowd: While there is usually an argument for making for “individuality”, a situation could additionally allow you to get noticed in an useful manner. The next time you are at a public gathering, count the amount of men and women with the same telephone as you in the space. Now imagine not any of those individuals used a phone case manufacturer for the phones of theirs, as well as left them over the table or maybe counter (as a lot of folks do). Have fun locating the phone of yours inside a sea of identical iPhones.

Conversely, lots of folks are heavily anti case. Popular reasons include:

Added Bulk: This’s the most obvious explanation, and also does not actually need a great deal of explanation. A situation will add more bulk to the simple, plain, and phone. Silicone ones make it more difficult to slip into the pocket of yours, along with lots of folks believe they cover up the style of the telephone, and that is usually among the reasons why you purchase the telephone you do.

A Case Will not Save You From Every Drop: it is somewhat of a vulnerable argument, though It is true: a situation is not likely to miraculously preserve the phone of yours from actually being broken. Simply since you’ve a situation and an unbroken phone does not mean the 2 are directly linked. A soft situation is going to protect you from breakage better than a tough situation, so absolutely no situation is totally immune from harm – it only is determined by the way your phone hits the earth. It will definitely defend your cell phone better compared to no situation at all the, but whether that is really worth additional cons is up to you.

They Get Dirty Very Easily: Whenever you place a case on the cell phone of yours, you are adding a lot of additional nooks and crannies for soil to buy in. Plus, while it is not hard to wash off, it is a bit of an inconvenience, and in case you are way too lazy to wash it, you are likely to wind up with a polluted looking phone.

Cost: You are able to buy an easy situation for fairly cheaply, although more you invest, the greater safety you receive – and when you begin buying into quality case territory, you can wind up investing upwards of forty dolars or perhaps fifty dolars. That is not terrible by any means, though it’s possibly 1/4th the price of the phone of yours – and, in case your cell phone does break, it might not be as costly to fix as you believe. The math is not perfect, which all depends on what situation you are looking at, though it is a thing to think about.