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The Pros & Cons of Finger Protection in Goalie Gloves

If you’re a goalie, and you’ve hurt the hand you’ll love the idea of protecting your fingers. Since no one would like to hurt their hands two times! Finger protection helps goalkeepers avoid hand injuries. They also keep existing injuries from becoming worse. However, they’re not perfect. Protection for fingers, however effective as it can be, may be problematic for certain players. This article will take an in-depth look at the advantages and disadvantages of using finger protection on goalie gloves and the best way to use the gloves (and at what times).

101 on Goalie Glove Finger Protection

Finger protection is made up of pieces of plastic that you place in the palm of your goalie’s gloves. They’re also referred to as “fingers savers” also known as “finger spines”.

They function by allowing a single-directional motion – forward to form fists. They also stiffen up when you apply pressure on them to ensure that your fingers aren’t stretched to far in the back.

This will protect your hands from injuries that happen when you attempt to block shot or fall. Wearing finger protectors on your fingers, either in a set or specific ones.

Finger Protection Aids Hands Injury

We suggest wearing finger protectors that fit in gk gloves after suffering injuries to your hands. Fingers and hands that have been injured aren’t fully developed and stretched. They are more prone to injuries that may occur again until they are healed.

The act of blocking shots or diving with injured fingers can be an invitation to more injury and pain. The use of finger protection in goalie gloves can stop this from occurring.

That makes finger protection an effective recovery/rehabilitation tool. Finger protection protects injured hands from further injury until fingers heal. The main message that players should use finger protection with their gloves for goalies after suffering injuries to the fingers.
Finger Protection Can Hinder Performance

Like everything else, the finger protection offered by goalie gloves doesn’t come with a perfect solution. Sometimes, the use of gloves can hinder goalkeeper performance.

Here’s why.

Finger spines can limit your feeling to the ball. They also hinder the movement of your hands and decrease you grip to the ball. It’s no surprise that having less grip on goalkeepers is not a good idea.

This is a major issue for goalkeepers who are young or novice. They must develop an understanding of the ball and any movement restriction could hinder their growth.

For younger players it also means that they will not be able to properly catch the ball. They’ll probably develop the habit of repeatedly slapping at the ball which can be not a good technique.

In this way, the finger protection hinders goalkeeper performance and development of skill.

Finger Protection is more than wearing a finger spine

We’ll repeat it that the ideal moment to wear fingers are protected in goalie gloves is after having suffered a finger injury. Naturally, there are other issues come can come into play. For instance, certain players are prone to injuries and might have sensitive hands. However, we’d recommend against wearing finger spines when you wear your goalie gloves as it protects your fingers in more effective ways.

If you’re concerned about injury to your finger, hand strengthening exercises and conditioning are essential. Goalkeepers must take up these exercises regardless. Hand strengthening strengthens fingers to ensure that they don’t stretch too much when you catch or block.

Hand Strengthening Training for goalkeepers

The tennis ball is squeezed
Pinch strengtheners
Fingers extended using an elastic band
A wrist extension with weighted weighted eccentric
Fingers bends

Alongside hand exercises goalkeepers who are taught proper technique right from the start will be less prone to of suffering hand injuries. A proper technique for blocking shots is much more safe than poor shot blocking technique.

Removable Finger Protection Gives Players Flexibility

The final decision on whether to wear finger protection goalie gloves is an individual decision for parents and players. Deciding whether or not isn’t an issue. The best thing to make is purchase goalie gloves that can be removed fingers savers.

It allows you to put them on and remove them as you’d like or as needed. Gloves with disposable finger saves offer the most benefit of both. They offer rehabilitation after being injured and a flexible performance as well.

Looking for a pair goalie gloves with a fingers that can be removed? Explore our collection of gloves for goalies to find the perfect size and design for you!