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Tennis bet types explained

Tennis betting is a booming market in the world, with many betting on tennis at a higher level, with sportsbooks offering greater chances to bet and more betting choices including live betting. As the U.S. Open coming up and a host of famous players playing, here’s everything you should learn about betting on tennis in order to make money.

With plenty of tennis info and stats available, you can make some money from the courts using the correct handicapping strategy and these tennis betting tips.

Know the playing surface

The playing surface is the most. number one factor that affects tennis handicapping. A few players perform their most effective on all surfaces. For example, Wimbledon has a grass surface that favors serve and volley players with strong serves.

However, Roland-Garros is a clay surface that gives an advantage to players who are baseline as well as slowing big serves. Knowing how grass and clay playing surfaces impact odds is the most important aspect to consider when starting out.

Look for bets on the spot

Mental aspects of tennis is an essential aspect of betting on tennis. Situational edge can be enormous. Be prepared for disappointments after a major upset or extremely rewarding wins. Keep in mind that some of the top players may not be equally motivated as their less-ranked opponents on smaller competitions.

Scheduling is also essential for players, and those who make it through qualifying will be well-prepared than those who are automatically entered and have yet to play. In the end, fatigue (both physical as well as mental) can take its toll also.

Individual styles result in matchup edges

Do not put too much weight on recent rankings or form. Tennis is a one-on-one sport that means the way you play is more important to matches.

Every player has unique strengths and weaknesses, and head-to head data can reveal intriguing patterns. While recent losses and wins are a factor to be considered, tennis bettors should be aware of the different game the players play in.

Fitness first

It is a demanding sport that is constantly moving and with very few stops in play, so players have to perform at their peak in terms of fitness. Be aware of which factors can make fitness more critical like the weather (hotter conditions are more exhausting) duration of the game (Grand Slam tournaments being best-of-five sets rather than best-of-3), as well as injuries and time off between tournaments for individual players.

Knowing which players are in top physical shape can be helpful when making a decision on betting on live tennis because they could be in good form while the healthier player will take over at the stretch.

Types of tennis picks explained

There are many options for betting on tennis games, the most popular wagering options are the moneyline the spread as well as the over/under.


The most popular way to bet on tennis is by using the betting method of the moneyline. This is simply choosing the outright winner of the match. The most popular player will have an negative symbol (-) in front of their name, and in the next example the player would have to place a bet of $185 on Djokovic to make $100 if he wins the match.

The underdog has the positive sign (plus) in front of their odds, which means placing 100 bets on Federer will result in an income of $165 should he pulled off the unexpected. If both players have the same number, they’ll have the same odds of winning, and the bet is considered as a “pick the winner.”

Tennis spread

Much like the point spread in football or basketball, the betting companies will establish handicaps for both games and sets to make sure that the field is level.

In the following example of a game spread, Novak Djokovic is set at -4.5 this means that it is required to beat five games more than Medvedev in the game to cover the spread. If Medvedev is victorious or loses by less than four games, he’ll cover this spread.

Spreads for tennis set can be found at -1.5 as is running lines in baseball. In the following instance, if you wager on Djokovic with -1.5 sets and he wins with straight sets you win the bet. If Medvedev loses a set you will lose.


If you are betting on the Over/Under for other sports, you bet on the total amount of points earned. However, the Over/Under in tennis is based on the amount of games a match can be played.

It is important to remember that tennis matches will be either best-of-three sets or best-of five sets. A player must win 6 games with a difference of at least two games to be able to win a set, and in the event that the set is tied at 6-6 the seventh tie-breaking game is played.

In the following example, if the two players are able to play more than 39 games, taking the over would pay out $100 per $125 bet. If the two players play 38 games or fewer and bettors on the Under will gain $105 on a $100 bet.

You could also bet on the total or Over/Under of sets which are always set at 2.5.


Futures odds are among the most popular methods for betting on tennis. They are simply betting on which player will win the most affluently in a specific event, for instance the odds to win the U.S. Open. Each player is given a price according to their probability of winning.

As an example for futures chances, Ashleigh Barty and Naomi Osaka are the two favorite to win the U.S. Open at +350 and +450. If you bet $100 to Barty to win, and she does win the gold and you make a profit of $350, you’ll earn $350.


One way in order to keep tennis betting even more exciting is to look at the betting market to place bets on propositions. They include betting on who will win the initial game or the exact score, the Over/Under on the number Aces, and so on.

Remember that not all betting books offer these types of exotic prop bets and might only provide them for bigger tournaments or matchups.

Live betting

With point changes coming fast and furious in tennis, live betting provides many exciting options for smart bettors. In-play betting allows you to bet on the match winner, set winner, and the winner of a set in any set.

Make sure your feed is current to the second. Also, remember these guidelines on how to bet tennis live so that you’re able to make money from momentum changes and John McEnroe-like explosions.

Instant Replay: What is the best way to bet on tennis

Understanding how players perform on specific surfaces and the differences between grass and clay are crucial to handicapping matches.
Understanding the different styles and patterns of the players is necessary to recognize when a betting line is not right.
Make the most of swings in momentum and also the mental aspect of tennis by live betting.
Check out all the betting options available at your sportsbook to see what the best value for betting lies in a particular event or match.

How do you bet on tennis? Questions

There are a variety of ways you can bet on tennis among them the most popular are the moneyline, the spread, the under/over, as well as tournament-specific futures.

It is a well-known international sport the majority of online and in-person sportsbooks provide odds for tennis betting. Find the sportsbooks that are in your area and check out which tennis markets are to offer.

The odds on tennis will display a negative (+) or negative (-) symbol in front of the number. If the odds are positive that means the amount money you would win if you bet $100. If you see a minus sign on the odds, that is the amount you’d need to bet to get $100.

Spreads can be bet for both games and sets taken. This acts as a handicap , and offers better value for backing one of the favorites and has a better chances of winning if you choose to bet on the underdog. The favorite must be able to win more sets or games in comparison to the negative (-) handicap to cover the spread, or else the underdog will win the bet.