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How not to learn to snowboard

It is a sport that inspires people’s imaginations. Through the years, many people who live away from mountains had seen pictures as well as videos from snowboarding and have fantasized about participating.
It’s a fantastic sport, and riding through the powder on a snowboard can be the best thing you can get. However, there’s still a long way further to cover before you reach that level. All it takes is the right training, which includes not making these mistakes as a beginner when you’re learning how to snowboard.

While snowboarding remains an extremely popular sport however, it’s not as popular as skiing for the general population. It’s a bit puzzling since there are a myriad of reasons to try snowboarding.

It’s hard to master in the beginning phases. If you’re not balanced you’re more likely you’ll slip and fall more than when ski-boarding – but stay with it. Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals and the process of learning, it becomes less difficult and you’ll soon being soaring up the mountain. If you’re at a standstill or want an extra push There are plenty of good reasons to snowboard:


There are few things that are as thrilling and adrenaline-inducing than gliding down a snow-covered hill on a board, especially when it’s surrounded by the freshest of snow. It’s actually quite tranquil too as there isn’t much friction, and it’s incredible how you be so relaxed and energetic.

Comfortable Boots

Snowboard boots are significantly more comfortable than the majority of ski boots. The majority of riders look at skiers wearing their tough plastic boots and ask what the point is – they are difficult to get off and on they are a nightmare to walk into and for some who wear poorly-fitted boots, difficult to ski in. Even though snowboard boots are hard and some people will be content to take them off in the evening, they’re more comfortable for feet.


For those who have experience snowboarding offers an entirely new world of possibilities. It’s the perfect way to turn your favorite slopes into exciting new terrains, and provide you with the chance to experience a completely new approach to skiing in the mountains.

“The draw for snowboarding is in the freedom that it grants to you” the pro-surfer Jeremy Jones famously stated. “With an icy snowboard on your back, the sky’s the limit. You can conquer almost anything and travel anywhere.”

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9 Mistakes You’re Not Wanting to make

Who wouldn’t be interested in learning how to snowboard after hearing these motives? If you’re interested in giving it a go You’ll need to be aware of certain important things. This list isn’t designed to make you feel intimidated and is meant to ensure that your first few trips on the slopes less risky and enjoyable. Here are a few of the most common mistakes you shouldn’t make:

1) Not taking your time

Whatever your level of experience, whether it’s many years of skiing, skating or surfing knowledge or no experience at all You shouldn’t jump into snowboarding. It’s a completely different sport that requires patience and time to master. But, if you’re willing to invest the attention and time it requires and you’ll reap the rewards. When you reach that breakthrough point, things will move quickly in the right direction.

2) Not being in shape

It’s a physically demanding sport that is very physically demanding. From the outside it appears as you’re gliding down a slope. However, you’re using nearly every muscle that you have to move the weight and stop, turn and maintain keep your balance. It’s essential to have a certain degree of endurance and strength that you can build up prior to spending time at the ski slopes. Like any sport the better you’re at it the better you get better.

3.) Being worried about looking like a novice

There’s nothing more obvious than a novice trying to replicate it. Everybody remembers their first experiences on a board, so don’t stress about it. Concentrate on your own goals and do your best.

4.) Letting yourself stand while taking a strapping

One of the most frequent mistakes is in the way you secure your feet to the boards. While many snowboarders who are experienced do this but you shouldn’t attempt this. Instead, sit on the ground while tightening your feet, and then sit up. This will stop your balance from slipping and sliding down the slope or injury while wearing your gear.

5) Stopping your fall with your hands

There’s a chance that you’ll fall during your first few rides , there’s no other way to avoid it. If you fall, make sure not to to stop your fall using your hands (you might break the wrists). Your clothing and winter snow cushion you. It might seem odd however it’s often the best choice.

6) Incorrect clothing

It is crucial to have the proper clothing but, only a handful of beginners have this right. Begin using a foundation layer that will keep you dry, then add an intermediate layer to keep warm, and then an outer layer to block breeze and block water. Be ready for extreme weather However, you’ll probably feel warm when you’re learning to snowboard, particularly during the initial few days.

7) Not getting professional lessons

There are three options available to you in learning to snowboard. You could (a) try to learn your self, (b) allow a person teach you or (c) receive professional instruction. The first method won’t work and the other one may start you off (but likely won’t provide you with the skills and knowledge you need). The third choice is the most effective option, since you require an in-depth understanding of correct technique and form if you are looking to reach an acceptable standard.

8.) Going out with your friends

It is not advisable to venture out on your own when you are an inexperienced snowboarder. Even if you’re with others who are out on the slopes there is a need for a buddy or instructor who can monitor you and act as you’re “buddy”. We hope that nothing happens however it’s safer to be regretting.

9) Being too angry

The most challenging sport on the planet however it requires some determination to persevere and overcome the initial stage of falling over quite a bit within the first few days. Be patient and realize that all those who are rushing by you had similar issues while trying to learn.