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When is Sainsbury’s half price toy sale?

What is the date for going to be the following Sainsbury’s Toy Sale? We keep track of and will reveal the date Sainsbury’s will be launching its popular half price toys auction in 2023. Find out the insider tips and become the very first person to learn the exact date to mark so you can be ready to bag the best Christmas Toys!

The sale offers the perfect chance for shoppers with savvy who want to finish their Christmas shopping done earlier with discounts that range up to 25% discount all the way up to 50 percent off of toys. There is a chance to save as much as half off major brands with big names like Marvel, Barbie, LEGO, Hot Wheels, and numerous others.

Sainsbury’s Half-Price Toys 2023

Are they having a Sainsbury’s Toy Sale this season?

Sure, Sainsbury’s holds one half-price toy sale every year, that lets buyers who are savvy stock up on the most amazing toys for sale. The sale takes place during the month of October in the mid-point of the month. It runs for one week.

What toys are included in this year’s Sainsburys Toy Sale 2023?

Each year, the offerings vary but you should expect to find brands such as

>> Marvel

>> LOL

>> Barbie

>> Hot Wheels

>> Star Wars

>> Chad Valley

>> Disney

>> Peppa pig

There are many other top name brands, as well as less expensive favorites.

Does Sainsbury’s Toy Sale online?

Unfortunately , the half-price sale items cannot be reserved or purchase online. This means that you’ll have to go to the store to purchase an amazing deal.

When will Sainsbury’s 50% off toy sale?

The fad for toy sales with prices cut by as much as 50%, takes place every year. It is held during the middle of October. We monitor and disclose the exact dates that you will find on the calendar in the following table…

Sainsburys toys half price Sale Dates

Sainsbury’s toy Sale Date 2023

Next Predicted Date: Wednesday 11th October – Tuesday 17th October 2023
Toys from Sainsbury’s Sale Date 2022

Wednesday 12th – Tuesday 18th October 2022
Toys at Sainsbury’s Sale Date 2021

Wednesday 10th November – Wednesday 16th November 2021

Note: Sainsbury’s has rescheduled 2021’s date two times due to problems with their stock.
A.J. Sainsbury’s toy Sale Date 2020

Wednesday 14th October – Wednesday 21st October 2020
Sale Date 2019 at Toys R Us Sale Date: 2019

Wednesday 16th October to Tuesday 22nd October, 2019
Sale Date 2018 at Toys R Us Sale Date: 2018

Wednesday 17th October 2020 – Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Sainsbury’s Toy Sales Tips

Be sure it’s not cheaper In Other Places

Don’t be swayed by the notion that an auction is the best way to purchase a particular item however, you may be able to get it for less elsewhere, so be sure you conduct a thorough research prior to buying to ensure that it is cheaper from a different retailer.

Double the Discount

If you aren’t using cashback sites, it is recommended to sign up with Quidco as well as Topcashback to get cashback on online purchases. The sale items will are still eligible for cashback, which means you’ll get an additional benefit of savings.

Why is it taking so long?

Sainsbury’s frequently offers great discounts on toys. You can discover bargains at any time through the section of special deals of Sainsbury’s as well as the added benefit of having them delivered free the course of grocery shopping.

Be early!

Every year, the lines for the toy sale at Sainsbury’s increase. The sale is extremely popular and offers so many bargains, that shoppers are disrupting the aisles. Some shoppers are even ordered to leave their trolleys! Be sure to know the hours that your store is open and make sure you get the first thing.