What is a bento box?

A bento box is a recyclable Japanese-style lunch box that usually holds a single part dish consisting of a main dish as well as some sides. While standard bento boxes normally contain rice, fish or meat, and also some veggies, today, bento boxes are utilized worldwide to hold any kind of food that can be brought in a box!

Why make use of a bento box?

Decrease your environmental impact

Utilizing a bento box is a great way to lower your influence on the setting by replacing single-use plastic as well as paper products with a practical, elegant lunch box that can hold your gorgeous homemade meals day after day!

Conserve cash

Did you recognize the typical American household invests over $3000 a year on dining establishments and takeout? In Australia, millennials spend greater than $5000 a year on dining in a restaurant on average. Preparing a bento box for your break at the office or college even a couple of times a week can conserve you hundreds of dollars a year on your eating expenses.

Consume Healthier

The restricted size of a bento box assists to control dish parts, while movable divider panels as well as devices advertise the packing of a well-balanced meal consisting of diverse food groups.

Bento boxes are fun!

With seemingly unlimited mixes of boxes, cutlery collections and accessories offered, bento boxes help make certain that you will never have one more boring lunch!