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VCI Poly vs VCI Paper

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) are in existence since the 1940’s, when a product called Dichan was created into market. Dichan consisted of dicyclohexylamine nitrite, which was referred to as a vapor stage corrosion inhibitor which had enough vapor pressure to put out oxidation inhibiting particles into the surrounding region. Ultimately, this particular chemistry started to be coated onto newspaper, however as a result of the dicyclohexylamine nitrites high vapor pressure, they started finding that the chemistry diffused very fast and was discovered to flake off the newspaper. Along with these matters, it was found that VCI Paper tended to keep corrosion accelerating moisture in immediate exposure to the metallic part that was creating as much damage as good.

Because of the health consequences and also the functionality of VCI Paper, VCI producers have been in search for a brand new, secure, and powerful program. In 1979, Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC) created 2 important innovations. NTIC not just was able to present a brand new VCI chemical system on the industry which was utilized as the same food preservative (sodium nitrite), but were in addition able to effectively impregnate this additive into plastic-made films. By the beginning 1980’s, NTIC beginning to offer VCI Paper with equivalent VCI technology under the brand name ZerustĀ® which left clients with the same question: What advantages/disadvantages does VCI Poly have over VCI Paper?

VCI Poly Advantages:

The 4 major advantages are:

One) VCI Poly film gives an excellent moisture barrier as opposed to VCI Paper. Poly film reduces the water vapor transmission price on the box and stops even normal amounts of moisture from seeping through the bundle and triggering corrosion.

Two) VCI Poly provides ease of use. Assemblies and metal parts can just be placed into Crate or vci bag lined by a bag. Products are not hard to remove from the product packaging also. VCI film packaging items are generally translucent and pieces will be seen through the product packaging allowing users to immediately see the things in the container.

Three) VCI Poly sacks also shield metallic property from contaminants and dust when sitting in storage and/or during shipping. Typical poly film/bags with supply similar advantages, however won’t offer corrosion inhibiting protection.

Four) Long service and shelf life. Product life is able to differ between companies, but usually VCI movie may be kept in its authentic airtight packaging for as much as 3 years. When correctly applied, it is going to provide corrosion protection for a lot of years to dry and clean metals.

VCI Paper Advantages

One) A benefit of VCI Paper may be the quick diffusion pace on the VCI making it possible for the chemistry to easily get to the metallic surfaces. The diffusion rate is normally faster compared to VCI Poly chemistry.

Two) VCI Paper will employ a slightly less expensive when compared with VCI poly.

Three) VCI Paper can be created around your metal parts

Four) VCI Paper also offers cushioning when crumpled to include extra protection for your parts during shipping.

The best part is both products may be utilized in packaging programs to use the advantages of every type. For instance, a pot might be lined with a VCI gusset container and even individual components can be wrapped in paper to stabilize them in shipping. A mix of VCI Poly sheeting or maybe VCI Paper might be utilized for interleaving between layers. Interleaving with both material increases the saturation amounts of VCI and also guarantees it gets to many areas of the container.