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How to become a Next VIP member

Do you want to buy quality clothes at a reduced cost? Check out which dates the Next sale is scheduled to be held, the reasons you should reserve VIP slots and ways to save more.

The Next sale in UK is an excellent chance for bargain-hunters to get some fantastic quality goods for as little as 50 percent off. The sale is usually held four times per year This is the perfect opportunity to get discounts at one of top retailers in the UK. However, those who have been shopping for a while be aware that products sell quickly. It’s the reason why If you’re serious about finding the lowest price that you sign up as an elite member.

What’s included?

Next typically is the department that follows for their sales occasions

Clothing for children, including baby clothes
Furniture and home furnishings
Fashion brand

The following items aren’t sold, unless not stated otherwise including gift cards, flowers personalized items, products made to order photographs domestic appliances, gift experiences, wall decor, gardens and other plants.

When will the next sale be?

Dates predicted:

*Confirmed* – Autumn Sale – (VIP) Tuesday 20th September 2023 – (Main Sale) Saturday 24th September 2023

Winter Sale – Monday 26th December 2023 in Scotland, Tuesday 27th December 2023 in England

Does Next offer any Black Friday sale?

Black Friday takes place after Thanksgiving each year (near the close of November) The majority of major retailers make it an event for sales. However, in 2022 Next along with a few other retailers decided not to hold any sales. We’ll wait and check to see what happens if Next will bring it again in 2023. the terms and conditions for Black Friday sales are still posted at their web site.

Beat the crowds by joining VIP members

If you’ve ever tried shopping at Next at one time during some of their sale times, you might find that the selection can be limited since products are sold out quickly. However you can circumvent this issue by becoming an elite member. VIP members have earlier access to sales as well as previews of products that are included.

If you’re a member You should receive an email about three days prior to the time when the event is set to start. In that email, you will be able to reserve a time slot to do your shopping. You can also go to the Next website to select the time slot you want to book.

Beware, the slots are filled up quickly. If you arrive late, you’ll miss out. It’s best to visit the Next website each day to determine whether slots are open.

Another aspect… If you reserve a slot, make use of it. If the company Next discovers that you not used the time allocated and didn’t make it to an opportunity, they could be able to disqualify you to participate in future sales.

How do I be a Next VIP member?

It’s great to be in a position to book slots but how do you become an official VIP member? To be eligible to join, you’ll need to be a nextpay credit account customer which is the store card. Your account should be open prior to the advertised date, which will be listed in the Next website.

Be cautious. Credit cards for stores are usually considered to be among the least costly methods to get credit. The average rate of interest is 23.9 percent, which means when you use your card to pay, be sure to pay it back as fast as you can.

Edited to add that my wife has received an invitation for the sale that she attended even though she’s not a credit-worthy customer!

Tips to save more money in the Next sale

While store cards shouldn’t be used for long-term use, Next offers a decent incentive for customers who are new. Spend PS15 using the nextpay account and the next 3 Step credit account and you’ll earn PS10 off the first credit card purchase.

Cashback sites such as TopCashback as well as Quidco are worth looking into prior to shopping in order for a chance to earn a small amount back. However, it is becoming more difficult for Next to appear on these websites.

Receipt scanners can help you earn money back from your shop. When you’ve completed your shopping, take an image of your receipt and upload it to. Then you earn points that can be exchanged into money or vouchers for shopping.

Did you know you can earn money for every purchase you make using specific credit cards. It’s easy to do but you have to be cautious. If you do not pay off the balance each month, you’ll be paying more interest than you receive in cashback.