How to Choose the Right Pot or Planter for a Plant

Selecting the best pot for the right plant is very essential! Depending on which idealist planters uk you select will affect just how the promptly dirt dries out, how well a plant grows, as well as exactly how healthy the roots are.

There are three significant categories of pots: ceramic/glazed, terra cotta/clay, and plastic. I’ll stroll you through the advantages and disadvantages of each category. I’ll additionally cover using containers without openings for plants, in addition to which dimension pot you ought to choose when replanting.

Water as well as light could be one of the most fundamental parts of keeping healthy plants, yet the appropriate pot is the cherry on the top!

Step 1: Pros and Cons of Terra-cotta (Clay) Pots

I directly love terra cotta pots! I would certainly say concerning half my plants are potted in them. They’re very easy to find where I live and are rather standard as far as shape and size, so you can locate matching pots conveniently.


Terra cotta dries out rapidly, making it ideal for succulents as well as various other plants that dislike being in water.
More affordable than ceramic pots.
Neutral in color, looks wonderful with plants.
Capability to see present dampness degree based on pot shade. (The terra-cotta will certainly soak up water and transform a darker shade).


If you go down one of these, chances are it will certainly shatter. They’re rather delicate!
Can dry out incredibly quick in position with high temperatures and also reduced humidity, so make certain to keep an eye on brand-new transplants.
Can break due to chilly temperature levels in winter season.

Step 2: Pros and Cons of Plastic Pots.

Plastic pots are the most affordable and simplest to get regardless of where you are! Most of plants are sold in plastic pots, so it’s straightforward to collect a big quantity of them in no time. I maintain all the plastic pots I buy plants in, wash them, and recycle them. They’re great for starting seeds or plant propagation!

Plastic pots maintain water in the soil for much longer than a terra-cotta pot, so it’s extremely vital to have drainage openings in the bottom of the pot to stop root rot.


The least expensive plant pot around!
Be available in a large range of shapes, colors and also sizes.
Lighter than ceramic or terra-cotta.
Easy to wash and reuse.


Can come to be discolored and weak in the sunlight.

Action 3: Advantages And Disadvantages of Ceramic or Glazed Pots.

I love ceramic pots yet do not utilize them for a lot of my plants. They look gorgeous and also come in numerous intriguing forms! Since they can be so heavy, I really just utilize them for tiny plants as well as succulents. I like to stroll my plants to the sink to sprinkle them, as well as a significant ceramic planter would certainly make that challenging!


Great for exotic plants and plants that delight in damp dirt.
Tough as well as appealing.
Heavy enough to keep top-heavy plants from falling over.


Extremely heavy when large in size. I do not recommend for big plants that you intend on moving frequently.
The most pricey type of pot (unless you luck out and also locate some on sale!).

Tip 4: Using Containers Without Holes for Pots.

This is something I actually just suggest in among 3 situations:.

You know with the light and water needs of the plant you’re expanding and have actually effectively grown it in a typical pot. OR.
You’re able to drill holes in all-time low of the container. OR.
You can put a pot with drain openings INSIDE the hole-less pot.

Water drainage is VERY important to maintain plants healthy and balanced. Containers without a drainage hole can bring about water collecting in all-time low as well as triggering root rot. (Origin rot is commonly fatal for plants as well as nearly difficult to reverse.).

Ceramic and terra-cotta containers can be drilled using a stonework drill bit, and also plastic containers can be pierced using virtually any kind of sharp drill bit. There are lots of overviews online for doing this, so I very suggest searching for exactly how to pierce into the material your container is made of.

Using a cheap plastic pot within an ornamental container is another brilliant means to get water drainage without piercing into the container. This is also a great way to protect containers such as woven grass or fabric baskets.