What happens at a boiler service

An annual boiler service Bristol is going to start with a visible check to make sure that the boiler plus associated pipework is installed and placed properly. The engineer of yours will likely then check that the boiler of yours is operating properly and identify any original problems. They are going to remove the boiler casing to examine the components of its. They are going to check the boiler is working efficiently and safely, and clean the parts inside the boiler.

The engineer is going to check the following:

Correct gas pressure and also flow Flue & combustion. A flue gas analyser is going to be utilized to ensure that the boiler is burning the proper mixture of air and gas and the flue isn’t blocked
Electrical connections are neat and in condition that is great
Fans along with other key elements are working efficiently
Seals are intact
Electrodes are located in a great condition
Safety products are checked
Condensate trap and pipe isn’t blocked
Drinking water and gasoline pipework

The engineer must inform you in case the boiler doesn’t meet building and regulations and safety legislation during the checks of theirs. Ensure that the engineer explains some maintenance or repairs work they have to undertake and make sure some parts used originated from an established company, preferably out of the boiler manufacturer itself.

As a guide, almost all boiler services must last about an hour and you need to get a complete service report. Only sign this report in case you’re satisfied with every part of the service the boiler of yours has received.