Reasons Garden Pods are Great for Older People

granny annexes are the most perfect option for seniors who would like to downsize their houses and live closer to loved ones.

What exactly are the advantages for elderly individuals, and how can you start the journey to establishing a garden Pod? Browse to discover out.
What’s the Garden Pod?

a backyard garden pod is second title for a granny annexe and it is generally described as simply being a framework, erected in your backyard which is designed for living in. Planning permission is necessary for the building of a granny annexe, that is much more significant compared to a summer time home or even shed.

The increase in garden living continues to be recorded during the last several years, whether you telephone call it garden pods, granny annexes or maybe granny flats.

In the prior 2 years, the Daily Mail reported that more than 9000 new annexes was created which there was greater than 33,000 granny flats in Wales and England.

With again garden living on the increase, perhaps it is time to check out several of the advantages connected with living in a gardening Pod.

Bespoke Garden Pods are terrific for the elderly.

There are advantages to residing in a granny annexe. You are able to work with the cash from the money tied up in your house to maintain mortgage free. Lower energy bills are going to leave you with much more cash to relish life, and also you’ll additionally take advantage of living in a smaller home.

A backyard garden lifestyle is able to help combat loneliness. A granny annexe in a relative’s back garden implies that you’ll constantly have company whenever you want it the most, in case you’re living by yourself and also cannot get that much.

Residing in a garden pod signifies that you are able to take life a bit slower too; with much less maintenance and housework to do, your time gets to be more easy and also you are able to concentrate on the activities that you love or simply taking it easy.

Living very close to relatives is a good option to a care home or maybe care in your house. In case you are needing help with particular jobs, like preparing dishes, for instance, then you definitely are going to have family close by to provide you with a helping hand.

Your family will likely sense the advantages associated with you able to very near them; ageing parents are able to be a worry to lots of individuals but in case you reside in a granny annexe, your family could relax, knowing they are able to offer proper care when required which you’re healthy.

Creating your dream Granny Annexe.

We are able to enable you to begin your adventure in case you’re previously convinced about the advantages of downsizing to a gardening Pod or maybe granny annexe.