Guide to Walk In Showers and Wet Rooms

Walk in damp areas and showers have grown to be an extremely well-liked choice for those remodeling the bathroom, and that does not actually come as a huge shock as many individuals choose to shower rather than are bathing. A stroll in damp room or shower is a practical and stylish showering option for those age groups, from young workers on the elderly, and also for all those with limited mobility, since we lead lifestyles busier than ever.

In case you are planning a brand new bathroom and curious whether to use a stroll in shower enclosure or maybe a damp room, our important guide will teach you every aspect you have to know, from just how much you are able to look to spend, to the various kinds of walk in showers and even more.

What’s the big difference between a wet room along with a stroll in shower?

The distinction between a stroll in bath along with a genuine damp room is the fact that in a genuine wet room, the area is totally wide open plan, as well as the water moves away by way of a drain in the floor, while a walk in shower usually includes just one or maybe 2 glass. Both choices provide quick access and create a statement in the bathroom.

Finances, time constraints and also style all be involved in determining whether to experience a stroll in shower enclosure or perhaps a complete wet room in your house.

The best way to find a stroll in damp room or shower.

In case you’d like a stroll in shower or a damp room, you’ve to decide. The walk in showers have a paper tray, even though the damp rooms use a drain.
You are going to need to consider the form and place after you’ve made a choice.
You will find 3 primary types to select from including floating, corner, and recessed.

The alcove is perfect for replacing a water. This kind has one glass screen that can be installed to allow for left or maybe correct entry. The glass display can be purchased in a selection of profile and arm finishes like black, white, and chrome. The ceiling or wall may be equipped with the arm.

Nook – fits into any space of the bathroom and will replace a regular shower enclosure like a quadrant. You will find 2 glass screens in this particular kind, that are available in a selection of profile & arm finishes. The ceiling or wall may be equipped with the arm.

It enables entry at each side and creates a really sleek, contemporary appearance. This type has one glass panel as well as floor to ceiling poles.

Our glass shower screens are available in a selection of heights and widths, and therefore are 1950mm in height.


You are able to choose from a broad range of configurations or even select one glass screen. Each display is pronounced of 8mm glass with a simple clean protective coating.