Floor tiles: A guide to choosing your tiles

Tiles are not only excellent choices for bathrooms and kitchens, the newest textures and finishes will work nicely in the family room of yours, dining room or perhaps the bedroom of yours.

Here is everything you have to know…

All-natural tiles

Natural substances should not only be the preference for period houses, as slate, limestone and polished granite is able to operate in contemporary interiors, also. They’re the best costly choice, but is going to last for a long time and grow more appealing with age.

The normally pitted as well as weathered surface area of travertine stone gives an appealing, worn in appearance that is ideal for a laid back kitchen.
In places that are active , choose dark slate flooring which will not need cleaning as frequently.
Shiny stone makes a fantastic backdrop for custom pieces.
Large-scale limestone tiles in wealthy tones complement rubber furniture.

Ceramic along with porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain flooring are a great substitute for natural materials – they are tough wearing, light and reasonably simple to lay. They frequently are less expensive than organic materials, making them the perfect option for larger areas or even where you’ve a minimal budget. The brand new styles of oversized tiles are trendy and will create a hotel chic look.

If you would prefer the flooring of yours being subtle instead of bold, choose porcelain tiles with a little design, with no texture, in a great colour.
Choose basic grey porcelain flooring with a textured finish for a super chic room.
For a spacious damp space, use matching ceramic wall and floor tiles.

Vintage tiles

Whether they are reclaimed, recycled or maybe a reproduction of an innovative floor tile, vintage flooring tiles, with the classic designs of theirs and beautiful finishes, are a fantastic way of giving the floor character of yours. Monochrome designs are a conventional choice and will work in both and brand new houses, while reclaimed bricks stand out in country style properties. Patterned Victorian tiles have designs that are gorgeous and are most suitable for properties of the identical time.

Add detail to the bathroom of yours with black and gray hexagonal mosaic tiles.
Reclaimed clay bricks are perfect for a farmhouse style kitchen.
Lay a design diagonally to make an area seem to be wide.

How you can take care of floor tiles

Tiles are able to look much better with age – together with the right attention. We have listed a premier tips to keep the tiles of yours in key condition:

Choose the best cleaning products on the floor of yours as they’ll have been developed to cleanse the floor and simply help seal the stone. Consult the producer for recommendations.
Wipe up sills on unglazed flooring surfaces quickly or perhaps they may create a stain.
Get rid of stubborn marks with cream spirit, but usually do a spot check first.