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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a House Clearance Service

Professional house clearance services help clients remove unwanted stuff from their houses. This can be due to moving, downsizing, or emptying out a deceased estate. Garages and attics can be cleared by house clearance services.

Expect these things when you employ a house clearance service:

  1. Free quote

Most house clearance firms provide a free quote before starting. This will help you budget for the job by estimating its cost.

  1. Pro team

House clearance firms use professionals who can remove all types of household objects. They can safely and efficiently remove all your unwanted goods, no matter how big or heavy.

  1. Variety of disposal services

House cleanup firms offer many disposal options for unwanted stuff. Contribute to charity, recycle, or properly dispose of items at a licenced garbage disposal site.

  1. Convenient service

House clearance businesses will work with you to schedule a convenient time. They can also estimate the job’s duration.

A step-by-step breakdown of a house clearance service is here:

  1. Call the house-clearing service

First, request a free quote from the house clearance service. You’ll need to tell them your property’s size, what has to be removed, and how to get in.

  1. Quote

The house clearance service will quote after inspecting your property. Clearance and disposal fees are usually included in the price.

  1. Booking clearance

You can hire the house clearance service if you like the quote. They will set a clearing date and time and give you employment preparation advice.

  1. On clearance day

When scheduled, the house clearance team will come at your residence. Remove all undesired objects from the property first. They will protect your property and things.

  1. Unneeded items disposal

After removing all your unwanted stuff, the house removal staff will dispose of them per your orders. They can donate, recycle, or safely dispose of items at a licenced rubbish disposal location.

  1. Clearance completed

The house clearance staff will finish after removing and disposing of your unwanted items. They will clean up after themselves and eliminate any waste.

Additional services

Besides house clearance, many companies offer additional services like:

Lease-end cleaning

Garden cleanup

Clearing the garage

Clearing the shed

Clearing the loft

Removal of hoarding

Cleanup of deceased estate

Ask the house clearance service if they offer these extras.

House clearance service selection tips

Before hiring a house clearance service, check quotations from multiple businesses. Some tips:

Ensure the company is licenced and insured.

Request customer references.

Get a written quote before starting work.

Know the company’s disposal policy.

Be specific about what you want removed from your property.


A house clearance service can save you time and effort while cleaning out your home. Following these recommendations will help you find a trustworthy house clearance business that provides professional and efficient service.