Photography & Focus Stacking

Macro digital product photography isn’t practically getting a macro lens. There is a great deal more to it. When photographing tiny fashion jewelry products like rings, tiny studs, etc, you need to shoot from up close i.e. your electronic camera requires to be around 8-12 inches away from the item (to obtain a big picture).

When photographing precious jewelry from so close, your cam lens will certainly not concentrate on the entire product. If you’ve ever before attempted to photograph a ring from up close and the back of the ring shows up blurred … this is why.

To fix for this, we utilize a technique called focus stacking. It’s the process of taking multiple images of the product with various locations in emphasis and also blending them with each other in Photoshop. Read on for an instance …
What is Focus Stacking?

Focus Stacking is the procedure of blending numerous images, each with a various emphasis location, into one last photo. For instance, a photo with the front of the picture in focus + an image with the back of the photo in emphasis can be blended into one fully clear picture.
Why Emphasis Stack?

Since electronic camera lenses have emphasis location constraints i.e. when photographing a product from up close, the lens just focuses on a specific portion of the item, leaving the remainder of the item blurry. If you intend to get a big photo of tiny items like rings, small studs, and so on, then concentrate stacking is the very best means to obtain a clear picture.

Here is an example– your eye has a lens too– if you pick up a ring and attempt to check out an inscription on the within the ring– maintain relocating the ring more detailed to your eye and also you start seeing a blurry ring. Maintain it a foot away as well as the ring looks clear yet you can’t see the engraving. Very same with a cam lens. The closer you transfer to the product, the blurrier it obtains. Focus stacking solves for this.