Palm Angels: What to Know About the Clothing Brand

Francesco Ragazzi is among the most sought after Italian designers around. After ten years of working at favorite label Moncler, he’s nowadays developed his American inspired label Palm Angels, that has turned into a favorite amongst celebrities? especially musicians along with professional athletes. This unique fashion brand makes an excellent mark in the market in a brief space of time. Influenced by American street culture, Ragazzi tells a story through the garments of his by employing bold prints & colors. This is the perfect mixture of streetwear and luxury.
Story Behind Palm Angels

After working for over a decade as among the masterminds behind the lifestyle brand Moncler, the designer and photographer Francesco Ragazzi made the decision to found the own label of his in 2015. He called it Palm Angels. Although his label relies in Milan, it is a far cry from the usual Italian brand. Ragazzi lives between Milan and los Angeles, and he conceived the brand of his after releasing a photography guide with exactly the same title in 2014. The ebook celebrates Los Angeles’ skateboarders, reinterpreted through the own perspective of his.
Ragazzi’s Vision

Palm Angels showcases Ragazzi’s Italian and american history. He uses the perception of his of American tradition and also gives an Italian flair for luxury in many of the collections of his. It’s neither the stereotypical Italian brand nor the usual American brand. He requires inspiration predominantly from the 90’s Los Angeles West Coast culture and also fuses this with upscale and luxury nuances. His clothes are used by different important figures, like Joe Jonas, A$AP Rocky along with Playboi Carti. This rebellious clothing brand name is in demand that is high.
Palm Angels Debut Collection

In 2015, Palm Angels’ debut collection was unisex plus was influenced by 70’s skate culture. It developed a preppy chic experience, that has seldom been done before in the fashion business. The thought process behind every style was reinterpreting American tradition and also develop a bold collection which speaks of streetwear and luxury. Ragazzi is among the pioneering agents in changing how streetwear is looked at. Having started the career of his at Moncler, he managed to work with hip hop stars, like Pharrell, to link streetwear and luxury.
Streetwear meets luxury

There is been an increased luxury brands including streetwear to the collections of theirs, as well Ragazzi may be thanked for this. Social networking has also resulted in streetwear in luxury collections becoming noticed and acceptable more. A feeling of independence is apparent in most Ragazzi’s designs, and also the utilization of vibrant colors, creative themes and unique designs showcases this. Fun is in addition a crucial element of this particular brand, showcasing the carefree attitude of countless Californians. There is also cannabis symbolism, that is observed on several of the palm tree t shirt designs.

Now that cannabis was legalized in California, Ragazzi believed adding it as an element in the designs of his. Marijuana is a lifestyle choice that represents Palm Angels, reinforced by the simple fact that several rappers give this particular brand, and that is valued in Asia. Although he uses very simple pieces like t shirts and jeans, Ragazzi makes certain to utilize creative and special pictures. The Asian market place is very open to these far more complicated and styles that are unique, thus, making this a market he likes exploring as it is much more daring.

Ragazzi uses fabrics that are great and craftmanship, which originates from his Italian roots. Imagination is vitally important to him and it’s seen in each of the pieces of his. He takes the time of his in producing all the garments and does not compromise on quality. Comfort is also really important, because so many who buys streetwear products want to be comfortable, casual, and stylish. Music, photography, fashion & art are huge influences as the way in which he makes the ideas of his. It’s not just about the clothing? it is also about being linked to the world.

Palms Angels is exactly about authenticity and interpreting American society through an Italian mindset. Ragazzi’s understanding of art and being such a great photographer is what brings the collections of his to life. His story is observed throughout the label of his; his work speaks for itself. What began as a coffee table book of pictures showcasing Los Angeles’ skateboard lifestyle has now emerged into a legendary streetwear brand, taking the planet by storm. Palms Angels can be obtained in 210 shops around the world, such as luxury retailers as Harvey Nichols and Saks Fifth Avenue.