Gramicci – a Japanese brand

According to Google Translate (a lot of the details on this brand is in Japanese) ‘in 1982 she gave birth to a garage’ yet we’re thinking that in 1982 Mike Graham, a well understood hill climber in the 70s, going by the instead trendy name ‘Stone Master’, invented a new climbing pant with a 180 degree crotch (I understand, that recognized?) and also a flexible, incorporated belt which he started the organization in his garage.

The story, apocryphal or not, is that Mike Graham and a group of buddies laid out to be the very first all Italian team to range Half Dome in Yosemite. The trouble (setup apart the problem of climbing a large cliff of 2000 feet) was that they weren’t Italian. The option, not applications to the Italian embassy or a speedy moving to Naples yet to alter the name Graham to Gramicci. As well as an outdoorwear brand was birthed.

Throughout the 80s and also 90s the surge of Gramicci mirrored the success of other outdoor, workwear and details sports apparel brands (eg Stussy and Carhartt) who found a dedicated complying with within the arising globes of skateboard as well as street culture. The product was well made, sensible and also affordable.

The Present Day

The Gramicci is no more, purely talking, the Gramicci of 1982. After substantial restructuring, economic difficulties and changes in ownership, part of the organization was obtained by Japanese financiers as well as relaunched as Gramicci. I understand. Complex. The product, with committed followers in Japan, remains immaculately generated and incredibly useful and also absolutely true to its Northern California heritage. Louis Cheslaw composing in Conde Nast Traveller sings the commends of Gramicci:

The NN Pant and Friends

The NN Pant, 98% cotton twill, 2% polyamide with the favoured elasticated waist and also the incorporated, adjustable climbing belt, 2 rear pockets and also 2 hand pockets and the famed 180 level gusseted crotch for a larger range of activity, is our ideal marketing Gramicci trouser.

What Else?

If you like the NN Pant, you will like the Gramicci shorts. If you like the NN Pant, you will certainly like the tougher Weather Pant. As well as if it’s all a bit monochrome, and you like things a bit much more outre, try the Shell Jacket as well as Short combination in Leopard or Camo.