Fjallraven Kanken (Classic) Backpack Review

The Fjallraven Kanken knapsack is a staple institution backpack. It was designed to be pack for institution that counter back pains as well as assures carrying convenience. But that was all the way back in the 70s.

Exactly how does the Kanken fare today, with modern technologies that all the popular knapsack producers utilize? Is it still a terrific knapsack for institution, or are you far better off picking up an Osprey or a North Face pack for the same cost?

Those are the main questions I’ll address in this testimonial!

You can find out more regarding the private functions in the remainder of the evaluation. Ideally that will assist you comprehend why the knapsack didn’t obtain greater qualities.

In addition, I did take into account other everyday knapsacks that you might obtain for the exact same amount of money, which greatly affected the rating of the Kanken. As a standalone backpack it’s pretty great. But when you have a look at what else gets on the market, it’s actually a quite underwhelming backpack.
Style And Also Specs

Regarding style goes, this is among the best-looking Fjallraven backpack for schools. It’s a real classic, and also its minimalistic design fits quite possibly right into our day and also age. Plus, you can get it in basically any type of shade you can think of, so it’s easy for everybody to get a Kanken that fits their choices and that they will certainly enjoy.

You can go for a tiny Kanken backpack, however you can’t really pick the size of the Standard. Check out the table above for its requirements.

This is mostly a pack for college, and also I think its dimension fits that purpose really well. It is tall sufficient to fit all of your books and also your ordinary 13″ laptop computer. You may be able to press and also 15.6″ one in there is well, but I can not guarantee that. The normal 15.6″ laptop is 15″ tall, so it may be a little tight in the pack. And also if you put it in a sleeve, I don’t think it will certainly fit.

The capacity of the Kanken is somewhat smaller sized than what you see in other day-to-day packs. Their volume is normally anywhere from 20-30 litres, yet I do assume that 16 is more than enough for college needs. You can easily fit all your books and notebooks in there, as well as still have some space for your pencil situation, tablet computer or whatever else you think about a requirement.

Nevertheless, I do not believe you will have the ability to fit a hoodie or a jacket in the pack. Possibly if you only have a couple of items in it. Yet if it’s already pretty full, there’s no space inside for your spare clothes.

I do really like just how light-weight this pack is. Which’s one benefit of its minimalistic design– loads with lots of different features can usually weigh 1.5-2 lbs, which can be a whole lot for a school backpack. This one is incredibly lightweight, so it’s rather simple to lug about also when it is fully packed.

The foam cushion is pretty much the backpanel. As well as it is the revolutionary feature that made this backpack so special in the 70s. Fjallraven incorporated a foam pillow in the very back of this pack to correct the backs of children, and supply them with far better lugging convenience.

The foam really feels soft and comfy on your back. It additionally serves as an obstacle that avoids anything that’s inside your pack from poking you in the back. The pillow has its very own sleeve, and you can remove it, if you decide to utilize that sleeve for something else.

Easy PE foam sufficed in the seventies. Yet is it sufficient today? Nevertheless, there are such sophisticated backpanel innovations that assist you feel comfy, and also enable your back to take a breath while you are wearing the knapsack. And also in addition to that they aim to include a bunch of extra features that make a 50lb+ backpack really feel practically insubstantial on you.

In regards to your degree of convenience, I don’t believe that the Kanken fares that well today. However, you also require to consider the real capacity of this pack– it can not get that hefty anyway, so you don’t require as elaborate assistance as you would certainly in a larger pack. So in general, I think that the comfort this pack provides is decent, yet definitely not excellent or fantastic.
Vinylon-F Shell

The Vinylon-F is a staple covering product of Fjallraven knapsacks. It is made from weaved artificial fibers, which actually swell when they splash. That just makes the weave tighter, and also assists the backpack resist rain showers with no extra finishing.

That’s what makes the Kanken water-resistant. Vinylon-F is likewise an actually solid as well as long lasting material, and also there’s no doubt that your knapsack will live through all the torment you can place it with. The shell of this pack for built to endure dirt and wetness, which is exactly what you desire out of your everyday knapsack.

What’s even better is that it is very easy to maintain. You can cleanse the backpack with simply some soap and also warm water, as well as it will certainly be just as good as brand-new. Generally, the Kanken obtains an A+ for its longevity, particularly since a school backpack needs to be actually tough.