Ear Cuffs: Everything You Need to Know

We hear you – you love ear cuffs! They’re one of our trademark designs, and also they’re additionally the style we get one of the most concerns about. Below’s what you have actually been asking, and here’s what you need to know.

What’s the simplest means to take your ear video game to?

Ear cuffs! Love the appearance of a decorated ear, however really feeling commitment-phobic? Ear cuffs are a great way to try the look without obtaining any kind of added piercings.
Is the ear cuff fad new?

The very first ear cuff ever before recorded in history, in 2000 BC, was called a Kaffa. It was made to hug the curve on the outside side of the ear, and also due to the fact that it placed little weight on the ear, could be put on in huge and remarkable designs. Ear cuffs remained to be put on over the centuries, as well as were repopularized during the 1990s grunge duration in easy silver styles. They’re back – in an unprecedented selection of designs as well as shapes. There’s never been a better time to shake an ear cuff!
Who’s been wearing ear cuffs?

Numerous individuals! We’ve seen ear cuffs (both significant as well as easy) styled above fashion designers, leading design blog writers, and stars such as Rihanna and Lupita Nyong’o.
Do I need to pierce my ears?

Nope, no demand to go to the piercer. You can slide a silver ear cuff right on and also see what it would certainly look like to have a cartilage piercing, without any of the pain or treatment needed to take care of a puncturing. All of the style, none of the obligation!
What should I team my ear cuffs with?

Ear cuffs are functional, combining well with stud, drop, as well as hoop earrings. With countless blending as well as matching opportunities, you truly can create your very own ear party – from an intimate, little cluster of 2-3 earrings to an all out event with a totally embellished ear. There are no right and wrong answers right here – it’s truly regarding embracing your very own individual design. 2 timeless, can’t-go-wrong combinations are the Endless time Ear Cuff put on with the Murmur Open Hoops and the Timeless Ear Cuff with Little Bar Studs.
Exactly how do I put my ear cuff on?

Placing an ear cuff on your ear for the first time might be a little tricky, however with a little method, it will certainly come to be second nature. Begin by standing in front of a mirror and also holding the ear cuff parallel to your ear. Slide the cuff on the thinnest part of your ear, and after that move it down to change. The ear cuff need to firmly hug your ear as well as feel comfortable. You’ll understand that it’s the appropriate size when you can delicately pull on it and also it does not come off.
Exactly how do I adjust my ear cuff to size?

Our ear cuffs are designed a little oversized so that they’ll fit a larger variety of ear shapes, and also they’re extra thick to hold their shape with time (so they don’t fall off your ear).

To size our ear cuffs down, squeeze both ends of the cuff between your thumb and also first finger as well as gently press in up until you reach the wanted size. If the cuff is also thick to squeeze with your fingers, utilize a pair of pliers to delicately push the two ends together using a tiny towel to prevent scratching of the surface.

You can also measure the cuffs utilizing a pair of pliers to increase the area between both ends – just use equivalent stress outside as you’re expanding the cuff to keep it well balanced.
Can I oversleep my ear cuff?

When it concerns whether to sleep in an ear cuff, that is absolutely approximately you. Little, easy ear cuffs are usually less dangerous to sleep in than large, fancy ones.