A Conversation With Sebastian Westin at Sandqvist

Translating the rigours of Nordic landscapes into high-specification luggage because 2004, Sandqvist has actually grown into among the most recognisable names in outside devices which are developed for energy however cut-through with boundless visual allure.

Drawn together by a dichotomy of love for both urban living as well as rural expedition, the Sandqvist brothers and their long-lasting close friend Sebastian Westin started a journey to find a product efficient in offering both halves of these lifestyle counterpoints. Single-minded in their vision to generate classic pieces which equate from a week invested in the city to a weekend spent checking out the inclines of northern most Sweden, the success of their objective promotes itself.

A band of bros, this intrinsic feeling of adventure has actually followed them as they’ve ended up being the living personification of the Sandqvist brand name, developing an identification that’s predicated on the application of their items in the wild – venturing often past the city limits as well as placing their bags to the examination as they remain to discover the charming Scandinavian landscapes that formed them.

Sandqvist is motivated by natural Nordic landscapes and also the power of contemporary city way of lives. Just how do these two different perspectives work together to educate Sandqvist’s design?

Sebastian: We have actually constantly wanted to integrate the two in regards to both design and capability. It’s far better to be able to use simply one bag for both outdoor quests and also for going to work; a weekend trip or to the club. Staying in Stockholm, or Sweden in general, nature is constantly close. So the ideal bag is a bag you can use for all tasks.

Sandqvist’s item is a cautious blend of type and also feature, as well as there’s a large focus on longevity as well as repairability. Why are these aspects essential to you?

Sebastian: I think, that from a very early start in the outdoor globe we wanted something useful with as couple of subject to spoiling or breakable components as feasible, and to create in a way that if there was a damage it would certainly be easy to deal with. There is something really good about strong as well as durable materials. I’ve constantly liked to wear actually high quality outdoor apparel, because it offers you a sense of safety and security and provides that added boost of keeping warm and also dry. I guess it’s the same thing with bags, you desire the bag to be like an added layer to the body, adding functionality and comfort. Although we don’t develop hiking bags created several days on the hill, the motivation originates from that world and also from that community because that’s what we have matured doing. However we wished to include something extra, which’s where the numerous usage aspect enters the brand. A huge emphasis is likewise the sustainability part of it. It’s far better to take care of and recycle than to get a brand-new item. As well as we wish to make long-term bags. We comprehend that things takes place when you use your product, whether it’s a bag, a vehicle, or a set of footwear and in some cases it damages. Being able to have our very own specialists fixing or transforming parts is really crucial and a fantastic service. I desire extra brands would certainly start doing the same.

Your visual narration is truly solid, what do you search for when hunting for new places to inform the Sandqvist story?

Sebastian: We wish to go to places that we in fact like to go to, an area where we would certainly and will be. It doesn’t matter if it remains in the outdoors or the city, it needs to be genuine as well as actual. As well as ideally look great on picture. Nine breaks of ten we go to locations where we would certainly take place our leisure time anyway. It’s always good to blend deal with pleasure.