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How to Get a Golden Visa Spain

The Golden Visa Spain programme allows non-EU nationals to get a Spanish residence visa in exchange for an investment in Spain. The programme, which began in 2013, has been extremely successful, with over 100,000 Golden Visas given to far.

There are various methods to obtain a Golden Visa Spain. One alternative is to invest in Spanish real estate. The first investment is €500,000. Another possibility is to make an investment in a Spanish firm. The initial investment is €1 million. Finally, by investing in Spanish government bonds, you can qualify for the Golden Visa Spain. The first investment is €2 million.

You will be awarded a Golden Visa Spain once you have made the requisite investment. The Golden Visa is valid for one year and can be extended for another two years. You may be eligible to seek for Spanish citizenship after five years of having a Golden Visa Spain.

Obtaining a Golden Visa Spain has various advantages. One advantage will be the ability to live and work in Spain. You will also be allowed to freely travel across the Schengen Zone. Furthermore, your family members may be eligible for Golden Visas Spain.

The Golden Visa Spain is a popular choice for investors seeking a European residency visa. The programme is quite simple to qualify for and provides a variety of benefits. If you want to get a Golden Visa in Spain, you need speak with an immigration lawyer.

Here are some more details about the Golden Visa Spain:

Who is eligible to apply? Non-EU citizens who make a qualified investment in Spain are eligible for the Golden Visa Spain.

What are the available investing options? There are three types of investments that are eligible for the Golden Visa Spain:

The minimum investment amount in real estate is €500,000.

Investment in a Spanish company: A minimum investment of €1 million is required.

Investing in Spanish government bonds requires a minimum investment of €2 million.

What are the advantages of the Golden Visa in Spain? The Golden Visa Spain has several advantages, including:

The ability to reside and work in Spain.

The freedom to travel inside the Schengen Zone.

The privilege to bring relatives to Spain.

How do I apply for a Golden Visa in Spain? To apply for a Golden Visa in Spain, you must first apply to the Spanish Ministry of Interior. You will be required to produce paperwork proving your investment and eligibility for the programme.

If you want to get a Golden Visa in Spain, you need speak with an immigration lawyer. They can assist you in determining your eligibility and guiding you through the application process.