Diazepam: medicine to treat anxiety

  1. About diazepam

Diazepam is owned by a group of medicines known as benzodiazepines.

It is used-to deal with anxiety, muscle spasms and also fits (seizures). It is likewise used in hospital to lessen alcohol withdrawal symptoms , like sweating or maybe difficulty sleeping.

It is able to additionally be taken to enable you to relax before an operation or maybe other medical and dental treatments. This’s known as being a “pre med”.

Diazepam can be obtained on prescription only.

It is packaged as capsules, a liquid that you swallow, or even in a rectal tube (medicine that is squeezed into the anus) of yours. It is able to additionally be provided with as an injection in hospital.

  1. Key facts

The most popular complication is feeling drowsy.
You are not recommended using diazepam for more than four weeks.
When you take diazepam and feel tired, don’t drive or even use machines or tools.
Don’t consume alcohol while consuming diazepam. It is able to make you sleep extremely deeply. You might have difficulty and breathing problems waking up.
Diazepam is thought by the company names Diazemuls, Diazepam Desitin, Diazepam Rectubes and Stesolid Rectal tubes. It is likewise referred to as Valium, though this brand isn’t offered in the UK any longer.

  1. Who could and cannot take diazepam

Diazepam tablets and liquid may be taken by adults aged eighteen years and more than.

It is able to additionally be taken by kids aged one month or even more mature for muscle spasms.

Diazepam rectal tubes may be used by kids and adults.

It is not ideal for everybody. To make certain it is protected for you, tell the physician of yours before beginning diazepam if you:

have had an allergic reaction to crescent diazepam 10 mg or perhaps some additional medicine in the past
have kidney or perhaps liver problems
have (myasthenia gravis), an ailment which causes muscle weakness
have (sleep apnoea), an ailment which causes breathing issues when you are asleep
have thoughts or depression of hurting yourself or suicide
have been identified as having personality disorder
have (or perhaps have had) issues with drugs or alcohol
have just recently experienced a loss or bereavement
have (arteriosclerosis), an ailment which affects the blood circulation to the brain of yours
have very low amounts of a protein called albumin in the blood of yours
are attempting to be pregnant, happen to be pregnant or perhaps breastfeeding
are more than sixty five
are likely to be put to bed (have a broad anaesthetic) for an operation or any other healthcare treatment

  1. When and how to have it
    Rectal tube

Diazepam rectal tubes (or maybe rectal diazepam) may be used when you or maybe the kid of yours is having a healthy.

If you’ve been prescribed rectal tubes, it is crucial that a member of the family, friend or maybe carer understands the way to provide you with this medicine.

If you are having a fit, additionally, they have to understand how long to wait before providing you with rectal diazepam.

The doctor of yours is going to decide the best dose for you or maybe your child based on your weight, general health and age.
Liquid along with tablets

Take diazepam tablets or perhaps fluid with a drink of water. You are able to take them with or with no food.

You will generally take the medicine of yours 1 to 3 times one day.

The physician of yours is going to decide the best dose for you. It is essential to take diazepam just as the doctor of yours tells you to.

The normal dose for:

anxiety – is 2mg taken three times one day. This may be enhanced to 5mg to 10mg three times one day.
sleep problems (related to anxiety) – is 5mg to 15mg taken when one day at night.
muscle spasms in adults – is 2mg to fifteen mg one day. This may receive as 1mg twice one day and go as many as 5mg three times one day. The dose could be increased up to 20mg three times one day if required.
muscle spasm in kids (aged one month to seventeen years) – varies based on age. It is generally given two times one day, with 10 to twelve hours in between each dose.

The dose of yours may be lower in case you are more than 65 or maybe have kidney, serious breathing problems or liver.
What if I forget to get it?

When you are taking diazepam often and forget about to go for a dose, walk up the missed dose once you recall, unless it is nearly time for the upcoming dose of yours.

In this particular situation, simply omit the missed dose and get the next dose of yours as typical.

Never ever take 2 doses at the identical time. Never ever take an additional dose to compensate for a forgotten one.
What if I bring excessive?

The quantity of diazepam which can result in an overdose differs for every person.
Urgent advice: Call the doctor of yours or go to A&E immediately in case you are taking excessive diazepam

When you are taking excessive diazepam by accident, you might experience symptoms including:

very poor co ordination or trouble speaking
being sleepy
an irregular or slow heartbeat
wild eye movements
muscle mass weakness
perception overexcited

Should you have to visit A&E, don’t drive yourself. Get another person to drive you or involve an ambulance.

Take the diazepam packet, or maybe the leaflet inside it, and some leftover medicine along with you.

  1. Side effects

Just like all medicines, diazepam is able to cause unwanted side effects in several people, though several people have no unwanted side effects or maybe only minor ones.
Common side effects

These typical unwanted side effects take place in over 1 in hundred people.

If you obtain these unwanted side effects, keep taking the medication and talk to your doctor:

feeling sleepy or perhaps drowsy
difficulties with the co-ordination of yours or even controlling the movements of yours
shaky hands (tremors)

Severe side effects

It occurs seldom, though several individuals have severe side effects when taking diazepam.

Tell your doctor immediately if:

your breathing gets shallow or slow very
the skin of yours or even the grays of your eyes turn yellow
you think it is hard to recall things (amnesia)
you see or even hear things which aren’t there (hallucinations)
you believe things that aren’t true (delusions)
you continue falling over

On extremely rare occasions, a number of individuals may encounter unusual mood changes. These may become serious and tend to be more apt to occur in children or if you are over 65.

Tell the doctor of yours in case you see these side effects:

talking an excessive amount or even feeling overexcited
feeling agitated or perhaps restless
feeling irritable or even aggressive