What is fleet insurance and what are the advantages?

As we’ve a great deal of phone calls from buyers that are uncertain whether fleet insurance is ideal for them, we believed we will offer solutions to these 2 common questions… What’s fleet insurance?

Fleet insurance can be as the title would recommend, cover for all the automobiles of yours (the fleet) underneath the comfort of a single policy. You are going to need no less than 2 cars being considered for a fleet policy. We gives small business fleet insurance providing cover a combination of cars whether they be automobiles, vans or maybe HGV’s.
What exactly are the benefits of Fleet Insurance?

Fleet insurance Bolton is able to have numerous benefits for your company including;

It is much less hassle. Fleet insurance is much easier to keep monitor of as you’ll just have one renewal date as well as a single policy to stress about. Vehicles could quickly be put in and also taken off your policy all year round!

Reduced price. Insuring the vehicles of yours under a fleet policy will often work out a lot less than insuring them on a private basis.

Any driver options. The fleet may be insured in such a manner that enables anyone with your permission to push the cars of yours. This clearly makes life much easier if for any reason you had to shift motor vehicles or borrow a car to someone unexpectedly. We provide some driver more than 21, 25 and thirty policies.

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