First-Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Manchester

Are you a first-time buyer in Manchester and planning to take out a mortgage? The experience of buying a home for the first time can make you feel uncertain, anxiety, and concerned since it is a new experience for you. However, you can be assured and have your peace of mind with our team as we take all your stress away and help you in all your step. 

Is it tough for First Time Buyers to take out a Mortgage in Manchester?

 If you are planning to buy your first property and take a mortgage but are uncertain of your eligibility, then speak to one of our Manchester mortgage experts, which will be beneficial. 

Lenders check your affordability while you apply for a first-time mortgage. All aspects of your income contribute to the amount of money you can take for a mortgage, such as your annual salary, credit history, outgoings, and other additional income. Lenders ensure that you can manage all your finances and responsibilities without fail. Deposit plays an important role in checking the mortgage that you may seek. In Manchester, we are an expert mortgage advisor, and our team helps you find the best mortgage deal depending on your needs. 

 It’s always advisable to obtain an agreement of the mortgage much before as it will be needed when you are prepared to offer. We are a dedicated team who assists you 24*7 and solves your problem when you encounter any mortgage hurdle which requires immediate attention. 

What are the schemes designed in Manchester to aid the First Time Buyers?

First-time buyers can take help from various government schemes to borrow a mortgage. This help includes:

  • Right to buy scheme 
  • Lifetime ISAs
  • Help to Buy equity loan 

Our mortgage broker team knows all the government schemes available to first-time buyers currently and helps you solve all your doubts regarding the same. 

What is the maximum amount that I can borrow? 

First-time buyers want to know about the maximum limit for borrowing a mortgage. Your financial conditions determine this. Our page consisting of a mortgage calculator, offers the customer an estimated quote that shows what they can borrow. This is just an estimation, but you can know the absolute figure by speaking to our expert mortgage advisor in Manchester

Few ways that a first-time buyer can use  

  • Saving for a deposit 
  • Research for Guarantor Mortgages 
  • Enroll in a scheme designed for first-time buyers named ‘A help to Buy”
  • Take out a government-backed scheme, “Help to Buy ISA”
  • Apply in A help to buy equity loan scheme, which is a low-interest government loan towards your deposit
  • Look for developer’s incentives such as TV broadband, decor appliances