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How to successfully potty train girls

Parents are often desperate to get their children out of their nappies However, it’s often difficult to encourage toddlers to go to the bathroom. We’ve put together some potty training strategies that are expertly designed for girls that make the entire process much less stressful.

What is the best time to potty-train a girl?

As a general rule, as their communication abilities are higher girls are potty-trained three months earlier than boys are toilet trained. But what does not work for one child won’t work suit another. They can begin as early as 18 months, or even up to four years old.

It’s hard to know the moment when your child is potty trained , but there are some indicators to look for:

Do you know if she can tell you that the nappy’s wet?

If the answer for any of these questions is no you should probably take a bit longer. If you get a ‘yes’ answer and she’s ready.

Timing is essential. Don’t train your daughter to potty when there’s a lot of other things taking place in the meantime such as a nursery, a new baby or a moving house. Some parents wait until the time of summer when they can begin training girls, since it’s easier to get them on the toilet at the right time, when they just have to put on the dress in summer lightness – there’s less washing for you!

How do you potty-train a girl – potty training girls tips

Let her learn from watching

Children learn from watching what they see others doing, so before starting anything create an open-door bathroom policy. It’s not as easy as it sounds discuss with her what you’re doing in the bathroom and explain that mommies and little girls are seated to pee while daddies and the little boys sit up. Change her nappies to pull-ups, and then encourage her to put them on and take them off her own when she’s dressed.

Make sure she has cool, stylish underwear to keep her going.

If she is able to manage to take it all in her ease, is it time for an enjoyable shopping excursion for the mummy-daughter. It’s important to let her know that this is a very special trip . Perhaps give her a babycino while she’s there and let her choose cute knickers for her. No matter if they’re decorated with her favorite Disney Princess or cartoon, the most important aspect is to clean them. You could find yourself spotting many in the first couple of days. To ensure that she doesn’t run out, get between seven and 10 pairs to start with.

Be sure to use the toilet prior to time

In the initial stages of potty training anticipate taking your child for a bathroom visit or to the toilet every few hours and encourage her to use it instead of wait for her to inform you. It’s generally the wees that are the first to happen, while the poos follow later as they’re confident. Watch for signs that she’s in need of an urinate or poo like jumping, holding her bottom, or looking at something that’s not readily apparent. It is important to keep a variety of potties on hand and at least one on every level of your home to ensure that you don’t have to search to locate them in the event of an emergency. In the end she’ll be able to find the toilet and use it her, which is another reason why it’s helpful to keep potties within reach.

Teach her to wipe

If you are potty-training your child need to be instructed on how to properly wipe the bottom, particularly after a poo, in order to be safe from UTI infections. Girls should clean their bottoms all the way from top to bottom in order to avoid spreading bacteria from their bowels to the vagina. If this idea is too difficult for her to grasp at first then teach her to wipe the area that is wet by using toilet paper. Signs of UTIs to be aware of consist of frequent weeing and pelvic, and tummy pain when she spits out and falls, despite having excellent bladder control.

Reward good potty behavior

Naturally accidents will happen but don’t get too excited about it. Be calm and clean up the mess. remind her to inform you that she’s going to the bathroom next time. To reward her for success, make by creating a “treat bag” and fill it up with inexpensive gifts like jewelry made of plastic, beautiful accessory for hair, pencils, and stickers (if you are able to avoid sweets). If she has to go to the bathroom and cleans her hands, let her pick something from the bag that she would like to keep.

Make sure you have the correct equipment

If your child is having trouble grasping the idea of potty training Get your toddler an infant doll who has a habit of urinating herself. It’s fun to feed her a glass filled with “milk” after which she’ll be placing on the toilet and seeing the “wee” appear. It’s a great method to teach her the importance of the use of a toilet and, when you put the doll with her on the toilet at the same at the same time, she’ll feel as if she’s getting toilet trained by a buddy.

The act of reading a book while using the toilet is an excellent way to keep young girls entertained and aid in relaxing. “Princess Polly’s Potty Book uses bright fun illustrations as well as an “cheer” sounds effect to it leads readers through the tale of the way Princess Polly discovers how to use the toilet.

In addition to a potty and a seat for training purchase an extra potty in the travel category which she can use whenever she’s required to go out or you’re on the go. Pottete is a Pottete travel potty that can be easily folded down and stored underneath a buggy, can make an emergency bathroom break easy because of its disposable bags. In addition to being a toilet it can also be used as a training chair that folds out and placed on an existing public toilet.

A lot of toddlers struggle to reach the sink and toilet, therefore, they should purchase a stool can be moved into the position they want and climb on to.

Make sure you have fun!

Personalize pots by writing her name with the form of a glitter pen, and then using fun stickers to make sure you feel like it’s unique.

If you’re struggling to keep your child’s attention, allow her to select a food colouring that she can add to the toilet. Then, get her to wee. It will be fun to watch it change hue.

It is also possible to purchase larger knickers so that she is able to easily put them off and on.

Toilet pooping may be more challenging than wees. Make sure she is sitting by downloading a brand new game on an iPad or purchasing a brand new book to keep in the bathroom during toilet time.

Be thankful for the positive things!

Your baby is doing very well at this point, therefore it’s crucial to reward her for with a good habit of toileting regardless of what time frame it may take.