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Are strawberries good for dogs to eat?

There is nothing as strawberry season. The new, juicy berries can make a good treat for you, but can dogs eat strawberries too? It is a great question to ask, after you as well as your dog have nutritional needs and various systems. Continue reading to learn whether strawberries are a secure treat for the dog of yours.
Are strawberries great for dogs to consume?

Strawberries are great for dogs. But feed strawberries to the dog of yours like you’d other snack. Keep the food portion size small. “Treats you take care of the dog of yours must help make up at most ten % of the overall energy of his for the day,” Purina Senior Nutritionist, Jan Dempsey says. Use this to be a guide and so the strawberries you feed the dog of yours will not cause him to acquire additional weight.

We love eating strawberries because they’re cute. But sweetly flavored means sugar. Plus a great deal of high sugar, even in berry, is not helpful to dogs. That is another main reason to feed strawberries in small amounts.
Are strawberries great for dogs?

Strawberries have some nutrients and characteristics which may be great for the dog of yours. Strawberries have:

Higher h2o content
Vitamin C
A teeth whitening enzyme

“Strawberries (and other berries) are noted to have all natural ingredients which serve as antioxidants within the body. Research shows they’re helpful for humans and even other animals, but whether there are advantages for your dog has not been analyzed yet,” explains Dempsey.
What’s the very best way to cook strawberries for dogs?

“Wash and also thoroughly clean strawberries for the dog of yours the same as you’d for your family,” Dempsey says. Washing helps rinse away debris and recurring chemicals.

Remember that any food is often a choking hazard, including strawberries. Thus, after cleaning, trim off the base. Is the dog of yours a very small breed dog or even a puppy? Make strawberries much easier to consume. Cut them into little bits or puree them-mashing is effective, also. For bigger dogs, slice them in half or even provide the berry whole.
Exactly how should I introduce the dog of mine to strawberries?

“Some dogs may not understand what to do with the latest texture of strawberries. So you are able to try feeding them as frozen treats,” says Dempsey. Whatever manner you work them, start out gradually. Dempsey recommends, “Try feeding one berry to find out the reaction of his. In case he wants them, you are able to try placing them on the food of his, but ensure he likes them first.”

Feeding the berries slowly suggests you will see instantly in case they’re creating an issue. Contact the veterinarian of yours if you see tummy upset, stomach problems, intense scratching or maybe an increased thirst. Any of these may indicate strawberries are not ideal for the dog of yours.
When strawberries are from season, can I feed canned strawberries?

Absolutely not. “Don’t feed berry that’s been sugared or even packed in syrup. This provides unwanted unhealthy calories and sugars to berry and defeats the goal of providing for a’ healthy’ treat,” Dempsey explains. Furthermore, the canned and syrup strawberries might have ingredients in them – just like the artificial sweetener xylitol­­-that may be unsafe, possibly lethal to the dog of yours.
Since strawberries are safe for dogs, are various other berries safe, also?

“Yes! Cranberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries are safe choices for dogs, also. Although cranberries is sour and generally dogs don’t love sour taste,” Dempsey says. Only some berries won’t harm the dog of yours. Some – juniper berries or maybe berries with pits can be risky for them to consume. Always take care along with study any completely new foods before feeding it to him.