How Gamers Benefit From Using a Custom PS4 Controller

The use of a custom PS4 controller in competitive video games is a relatively new thing. Most pros haven’t even bought into the hype yet. And, for good reason, they technically do not offer a significant advantage. After all, they are unlike modded controllers, which have macro buttons that allow players to pull off a series of button presses with just one push. Instead, custom controllers are often looked at as an added luxury; an accessory that has more to do with comfort and less to do with improving gaming performance.

But, what exactly do custom ps4 controllers do? Well, plenty. For starters, they have a list of added functionality not available on standard controllers. For example, you can add more buttons and have them placed in more “ergonomical” locations on your controller.

Sometimes coming in the form of paddles placed on the backs of a PS4 controller, these extra buttons make gaming so much more comfortable, all the while affording gamers the liberty of tailoring the controller layout according to what they are most comfortable using.

Additional buttons, however, aren’t the only added features found on a typical custom PS4 controller. Depending on your preferences, you can have interchangeable analogs added as well, among other things. These will allow you to customize the height of the thumbsticks when playing. Though more of a user preference than anything else, many swear by how taller thumbsticks allow them better accuracy and manueverability in certain video games.
Is It Illegal to Use a Custom Ps4 Controller?

Not at all! A custom PS4 controller simply improves on what the standard controller has to offer. They are not like, per say, modded controllers, which have specific features that give players a significant advantage over others. Such controllers have mods such as programmable macros that simulate repeated button presses or allow players to pull off button combos all with the push of a single button.

A modded PS4 controller does not, in any way, interfere with the level of skill from gameplay. The buttons, triggers and joysticks are all simply of higher quality. Though they may provide more accurate responses to player input, every element of gameplay remains dependent on the player’s skill.

Give Yourself a Slight Advantage Today

Have you ever wondered why NBA players do not use generic footwear or apparel? It’s not just because of sponsorship, though that does play a bit of a factor. Rather, it’s because at the highest level of the sport, the slightest advantage can mean the difference between winning and losing. This is why companies such as Under Armour, Adidas and Nike, among others, are so willing to spend millions of dollars in research every year just to improve their gear.

The same logic applies to using a modded PS4 controller.

For pro gamers who play video games for a living, comfort and build quality is a very big deal. The risks of developing Carpal Tunnel and Repetitive Strain Injuries are very real to them. Especially when using standard controllers that force them to contort their hands in uncomfortable ways for hours on end just so they can keep their thumbs on the stick at all times. But, by using a modded PS4 controller, they can prevent that from happening. Not only that, but they do so while giving themselves the freedom to customize their controllers.