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Understanding Leaving Certs

If your son or daughter has just completed the Junior Phase or the transition year, they is likely to choose between two different Certificates of Leaving available at the college. We hope that the frequently asked questions that are listed below, will help you answer some of your questions.

Who is able to get an exit Certificate?
Students who have completed their the Junior Cycle is eligible to receive an Leave Certificate.

Then you can offer a choice of two different certificates for Leaving Please tell me more about these?
Yes! They are referred to as the traditional Certificate of Leaving Certificate and the Leaving Certificate applied. Both are two-year full-time programs.

Which leaving Cert do students most often choose?
The old Leaving Certificate is still by far the most well-known. Around 95% of students in Ireland pass this exam, while the remaining 5percent taking the Certificate of Leaving Certificate with Applied.

What is it that makes the traditional Leaving Certificate so popular?
The standard leaving Certificate is an obvious follow-up to the junior Cycle offering an academic challenge for the majority of youngsters. It also accommodates the wide array of abilities and talents. This is why it is the preferred choice in the majority of schools.

Students who would like to gain admission directly into any of our third-level colleges i.e. colleges or Institutes of Technology must sit the traditional leaving Certificate. Admission to these institutions is determined by the points that are given to students in accordance with their grades during the standard Leaving Certificate exam. The standard leaving Certificate will be the type most employers are familiar with and choose.

What are the ramifications of the well-established Leaving Certificate Programme?
Students usually take seven classes. English, Irish, Maths and a language (French within our institution) comprise the principal fundamental subjects. The students also learn three subjects in the following subjects: Biology, Business Studies, Art, Home Economics, Geography, Music , and Chemistry/Physics that may be available to students. Similar to students in the Junior Certificate students may choose to pursue their subjects at a Higher or Ordinary levels. English, Irish and Maths are also available at an intermediate level.

How do students are assessed?
Students take examinations in June at the close the two year of studies. Similar to they did in their Junior Cycle the State Examination Commission determines the dates for these examinations and assessments.

There is therefore an absence of Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) in the standard Leaver Certificate?
No. Certain subjects such as Art for instance do require an examination that is practical. Other subjects, like Geography or Home Economics, for example have students complete an investigation or write a journal for their students that could be a part of the final grade.

Why would my child/daughter pick the leaving Certificate rather than the one that is applied for?
The Leavers Certificate Applied is highly attractive for students who have found academic and academic study especially challenging. This Leaving Certificate is ideal for students who want to pursue a program that prepares for the workplace.

The work of the students is constantly assessed throughout the course of two years in the program and they’ll gain a significant amount of credit (marks) before they take the final test.

What are the subjects that students study?
The program is split into three major segments.

Vocational Preparation Training and Work Experience for the workplace.

Vocational Education Mathematics in Practice, I.T. and two specialization courses from the following areas: Active studies in Leisure, Childcare/Community Care, Craft and Design and Beauty and Beauty, Hotel, Catering and Tourism, Office Administration and Customer Care Technologies, Information and Communications, Technology.

General Education: Education in the Arts Irish, Modern Language, Leisure and Recreation, Social Education, Science and Religion.

Students learn about these subjects as courses.

How do students get marks or credits?
When students finish their work (Key Assignments and Assignments) they receive credits which count toward their final score. There is a possibility to earn nearly two-thirds of their marks on tasks completed in school prior to taking the final exam.

The leaving Cert Approved is awarded on 3 levels: Distinction merit or pass. Students also earn credit for attendance to school regularly. A school attendance rate at 90% or more is required. Only absences that are justified by a medical note may be exempted. Students who don’t attend regularly will not receive an A grade in their Leaving Certificate Applied.

Does the Leaver’s Cert applied count as “Points” for third-level colleges?
No. However, you could be admitted to the PLC course through this Leave Cert that can lead to entry into the third level.

Is a PLC a PCL?
It is a program that is run by the context of an ETB institution e.g. Marino College of Further Education, Connolly House, for students who have passed either of the leaving Certificates. There is a vast array of PLC programs offered in PLC colleges, ranging from Nursing and Business to childcare, photography, drama and Media, among others. Our Career Guidance instructors can assist you to learn more about the courses available and where to find it.

Can students who have the Leaving Certificate Applied be admitted on to all PLC classes?
The majority of the time, however, certain PLC courses require qualifications in maths or Science and Technology. Our Career Guidance instructors help you figure out the qualifications required for certain courses.

If someone completes an PLC program, then what do you do?
Students are able to be admitted to certain third-level courses, apprentices (eg Carpentry) or traineeships (eg Dental Nursing) based on their PLC accomplishments. A lot of students opt to directly enter the workforce.

What if my daughter or son does not want to go to an PLC course? What else can I do to do using the Leaving Certificate?
Yes. SOLAS and, prior to that, FAS is a course that is accepted to be used for apprenticeships. It’s also approved for admission into the Gardai and as well as the Defence Forces, the Civil Service and Failte Ireland (training in Catering and Tourism). Certain students can take their Certificate of Leaving Certificate applied to the job location. Keep in mind that employers generally require their employees to hold the Leave Certificate.

Do students who have the Leave Certificate who have applied find jobs?
The findings of the DES reveal that on average 89 percent of LCA graduates are employed or taking higher education in the following year after graduation from the program.

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