Why Switch to a Reusable Water Bottle

Each year, more than 12.7 million tonnes of plastic-made are deposited in the ocean, resulting in the prediction that by 2050 they are going to contain much more plastic by weight compared to fish.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is currently 3 times the dimensions of Home and France to trillions of pieces of microplastic waste product, primarily from fishing nets, bottle caps, plastic bags, single use clear plastic water bottles and Styrofoam cups.

In the UK ninety three % of the 38.5 million single use clear plastic bottles we use every single day end up in landfill, incinerated or even in the oceans of ours. Plastic material is a polymer and thus decreases in quality when recycled, which means that the mere seven % of plastic bottles which cause it to be to recycling may just be converted into a substance associated with a lesser quality, like fibres employed for carpets or clothes. Which means that a plastic bottle can’t ever be transformed into another bottle – a single reason a lot of wind up as waste.

It is crucial that we act right now to stop the damage the plastic reliance of ours is having on the planet. By beginning with something as easy as carrying a reusable water bottle you’re not just committing to making an eco-friendly option, but additionally receiving health and money saving advantages.

Continue reading for our top 5 reasons for switching to recyclable bottles.
One) Less plastic waste

A lot more people than ever before are conscious of the issues caused by using planet damaging single-use plastic waste. Whenever a clear plastic container is purchased it enhances the currently catastrophic plastic-made waste problems, with estimates that by 2050 the entire amount of plastic-made actually produced will achieve 34,000 million tonnes – more than 4 times what happens to be created thus far.

By changing to some reusable bottle you are able to save around 150 single use plastic bottles from use each year and reap the benefits of a sustainable method to hydrate, time and time again. This would decrease the quantity of clear plastic bottle waste for landfill, helping to lessen greenhouse gas emissions.
Two) Better health

Lots of clear plastic bottles are produced with BPA, an industrial chemical which permits them to be shiny and hard. The issue with this’s that as temperatures rise, the chemical bonds in plastics break down, transferring likely poisonous chemicals to the water within.

What is more often, ninety three % of bottled water were discovered to contain microplastics. While there continues to be very little exploration into the effect of microplastics on human well being, there’s fears that they might be carrying contaminants or maybe release toxic substances to the systems of ours.

Reusable bottles are much better for the health of yours since they are made from materials like stainless steel, better quality or glass, BPA free plastics. These supplies do not fail in rising temperatures and consequently stop chemicals that are harmful from transferring into the water of yours.

Three) Save money

The typical price of plain tap water in the UK is 0.1 pence per litre, when compared with 65p for any one litre of container of water producing bottled water a huge selection of times costlier compared to tap. This implies that when a family of 4 is employing around 7.5 litres of bottled water each day the price requires a shocking £1,558 per year.

Four) Better for the environment

From manufacture through to disposal, clear plastic bottled water is unsustainable. Made from non renewable non-renewable fuels, the generation associated with one litre bottle of water produces more than ten balloons consisting mostly of CO27, causing green house gas emissions and climate change.

What is more often, in the UK by itself the production process of bottled water utilizes enough oil to heat up 32,000 houses for annually and also creates 45,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere – rather the price for an unnecessary product.