Too Much Chaetomorpha Algae?

Chaetomorpha algae, commonly abbreviated to “chaeto” by aquarium upkeep fans like us, is an exceptionally valuable type of algae offered to acquire online. Specifically suited to refugiums (an added appendage to the text of the fish tank in which microorganisms that require expert problems to grow can endure) chaeto uk typically can be found in dense masses of long green strings– offering you an idea of where it’s nickname– “Spaghetti Algae”– comes from. As an aside, it’s also a superb reproduction environment for a selection of microfauna like amphipods. Now it may not be the prettiest algae in the tank (if there is something) however it does provide an essential function.

As you’ll understand, whilst nitrates and phosphates are indispensable to the growth of a healthy and balanced aquarium, too much levels of either can bring about radical repercussions, both for your fish and also your plants, so it is very important to maintain them in check. As chaetomorpha algae grows within your container, it normally eats both phosphates and nitrates, thus eliminating them from the water. Chaeto is a specifically fast expanding, hard-wearing form of algae that creates in lengthy hairs over time. Conventionally, once the algae reaches a specific mass or size, aquarists can merely cut and eliminate sections of it. When the algae leaves the water, so as well do the nutrients that it soaked up to grow, thus making it among the recommended macro algae for nutrient export.

Just how much Is Way too much?

But can you have way too much chaetomorpha algae in your refugium or fish tank? Essentially, there’s little effect to an extra of chaeto in your fish tank (aside from the undesirable green hairball obviously). Remember, nevertheless, that it does use essential nutrients for growth, so if you do start to see the results of an absence of nitrates or phosphates, make certain to get rid of the chaeto instantly. If you’re wanting to cultivate even more chaetomorpha algae, we ‘d suggest expanding your fish tank lighting system, and even just enhancing the strength over a short period of time.