How to choose the correct type of turf for a lawn

Want to stay away from having your own turf war?

Deciding on the best turf type for your new grass could be a challenging task when you will find a lot of different varieties available to select from. So before you are making some choices, first of all think about the following

Do I want a hard wearing lawn or a fine ornamental lawn?
Will it have to handle kids playing football and animals roaming around on it?
What type of lawn mower am I going to utilize and how frequently do I plan to cut down (be truthful now)

Most reputable turf suppliers sell lawn turf which is compliant to TGA (Turf Growers Association) standard so it’s usually a wise decision to check out whether the turf for sale you’re purchasing fulfills it recognised marque.

Now you have decided the kind of lawn you would like, it is less of a challenge to limit the type of turf you ought to be looking for. And so today ask yourself

Do you would like a tough wearing sports turf often-used on league football pitches and also rugby pitches which includes hard donning varieties of dwarf ryegrass and that is ideal for hard wearing lawns? If so you must consider a tough grass type.

If you’re home owner that spends many happy hours taking care of the garden of yours and desires a high quality yard which will be mowed once a week? In that case, probably the wisest option will be a top quality luxury cultivated yard turf. This being said we’d never ever suggest selecting a golf green or even bowling green kind of good turf for just about any household grass as this is a thoroughbred that will involve continuous advanced care and problems to ensure that it stays healthy, that will prove to be an unimaginable task for many individuals. With a great quality garden turf with a blend of excellent cultivars including dwarf rye, fescue and sleek stalked meadow lawn will withstand getting mown down to 15mm and can look great in an ornamental backyard setting.

Remember that often it’s not essential (or perhaps cost) that is effective to select a high quality brand of lawn turf? particularly if price is your overriding consideration. Actually a cultivated budget turf is going to perform brilliantly providing it is mown regularly and maintained properly. Budget turf is perfect for high wear lawns specifically those which have plenty of traffic from children and pets. Additionally, huge amenity areas, municipal sports and holiday parks grounds could gain from this particular assortment of turf. All of these turf variations can be bought for delivery straight to the door of yours, all over the UK.

Regardless of what turf type you choose to buy there are several main elements which will make sure your brand new lawn gets off to a great beginning and does very well for numerous years to come.