Can Whiskey Stones Be Used In Other Drinks?

Whiskey stones (also often known as whiskey rocks or maybe scotch rocks) have grown to be a popular and rather debatable choice for anybody looking to cool their drinks with no water dilution.

The stones were initially intended to provide your fave whiskey drink some chill.
Can Whiskey Stones Be Used in Other Drinks?

Yes. Whiskey stones do not negatively behave with any beverages or maybe hinder the color, scent or flavor of liquids. It’s typical wear whiskey stones in some other beverages like wine, scotch, bourbon, beer and rum. Occasionally juice, coffee, iced tea, soda, and cocoa.

How can I Use Whiskey Stones in Drinks that are Hot? Coffee, etc, Tea.

It is quite clear just how whiskey stones work in drinks that are cold, but what about a great beverage as coffee, tea, and on occasion even a hot toddy?

You’ve a couple of choices.

One) Place freezing whiskey stones inside your great beverage to rapidly cool it down.

Whether it is a fresh cup of java or even several piping tea that is hot, at times you produce impatient for it to cool to a sippable temperature.

If you care about water dilution, including ice will not be considered a legitimate choice, but plopping some whiskey stones in the cup of yours will generally get the job done. The cooler the stones, the more heat it is going to pull out of your coffee/tea. And so begin with 1 2 cold stones, as well as add as needed.

The great part is the fact that once they have properly cooled the drink of yours, you are able to use a set of tongs to pull them back out in case you like.

Two) Microwave your whiskey stones to preserve drinks warm.

To start off, you should perhaps just look into this together with the granite/soapstone whiskey stones; putting stainless steel on the stove does not look like a wonderful idea at face value.

Having said that, in case you would love to keep the Hot Toddy of yours or perhaps Hot Buttered Rum drink warm feel free to warm up a little whiskey stones and put them in the cup of yours.

Comply with the directions below:

Place two to four whiskey stones in microwave for 60 90 seconds.
Remove the heated stones from the microwave very carefully.
Put them to the beverage of yours of choice.

Always apply safety when handling hot whiskey stones!
How can I Properly Use and keep Whiskey Stones?

If properly maintained, whiskey stones are going to remain pristine, tasteless, and odorless for a lot of years.

You must clear the stones right after every use. This goes quite a distance in making certain the stones have a fresh finish with zero residue.

Using Whiskey Stones

One) Before use, place your whiskey stones in the freezer. Many have to be chilled for no less than four hours to effectively cool the drink of yours.

Two) Once they’re cooled down, add 2 4 stones to the whiskey of yours and allow a second or 2 before sipping. The more you include, the more efficient they are going to be at chilling the beverage of yours.
Cleaning Whiskey Stones

Three) After use, quickly hold the stones in the hands of yours and run water that is warm through them while including a number of drops of soap.

Four) After cleaning them with soap, rinse the stones making use of running water before drying out them with a dry paper towel.

Five) Once they’ve dried completely, place them in a porous container and return them with the freezer.

The above mentioned measures are helpful for those whiskey rocks, but particularly crucial for granite & soapstone stones. Because of their slightly porous characteristics, they are able to have a tendency to keep scents if not cleaned properly.

Should I Give Whiskey Stones as a present? Or use them myself?

To start, you have to understand who you are gifting them to. From what I have noticed, the more into whiskey someone is, the unlikely they’re to routinely promote whiskey stones.

This is additionally similar crowd which is only going to consume their whiskey neat, protest chill filtering, and prefer cask strength since it is untouched whiskey. There’ll usually be purists in every hobby/topic.

Having said that, the above is somewhat of an over generalization, as I find myself agreeing with several of the above while simultaneously making use of some whiskey rocks on occasion.

If they are a casual whiskey drinker, I would think they will appreciate a whiskey stones made of nephrite gift set.

Stainless Soapstone or Steel?

There are some elements to consider, though I believe the majority would choose Stainless Steel stones.

Soapstone is a tad harder to keep and do not cool your drink down as much.