Bmw 3 Series Wheel Size And Wheel Fitment Guide

Looking for wheels for BMW 3 Series? Arguably the most renowned as well as most preferred BMW ever, the 3 Series amongst one of the most preferred autos in the UK and also admired by numerous for its impressive combination of performance, style, comfort and also functionality.

With a large choice of designs, trims and also engine alternatives there’s a 3 Series design out there for everyone, from convertibles to estates and the various generations of range-topping BWM M3 supersaloon.

First introduced in 1975 there have given that been six variations of the 3 Series, but it’s the fifth-generation (E90-E93) and sixth-generation (F30-F34) models which are normally one of the most typical.

A set of brand-new bmw style wheels will generally be at the top of most proprietors’ lists of upgrades, and can considerably boost the look, trip quality and handling of your automobile. If you’re wanting to obtain a new set of aftermarket BMW wheels, read our all-you-need-to-know guide on the very best wheels for the BMW 3 Series plus information on BMW wheel fitments, advised dimensions as well as recommended wheels.

BMW 3 Series PCD Guide

Early BMW 3 Series versions consisting of the E21 as well as E30 utilized a 4×100 PCD, while later versions switched over to a 5×120 PCD which has now come to be ubiquitous across the BMW variety and is popularly described as ‘BMW fitment’.

It’s worth birthing in mind that although the 5×120 PCD is shared amongst all contemporary 3 Series designs, relying on the precise model it may require differently-sized wheel bolts. E collection BMWs (E21, E30, E36, E40, E90, E91, E92 and also E93) take M12 wheel screws, while F collection designs (F30, F31, F34, F80) need M14 wheel bolts.

For anybody wanting to fit a modern wheel with a 5×120 PCD to a very early 4×100 3 Series design, PCD hub adapter kits exist which merely fit over your existing wheel center and also will certainly allow wheels with various PCD patterns to be utilized on your vehicle.

BMW 3 Series Wheel Fitment Overview

Early 3 Series models from the E21 to E36 generations showed off an option of 14-inch as well as 15-inch wheels as typical, while later on versions from E46 onwards upped the sizing to 16-inch and also 17-inch as criterion.

From 2004 onwards, wheel sizing grew once again with 18-inch wheels coming to be a basic factory-fit alternative in addition to much larger 20-inch wheels likewise available relying on the specific model.

Usually talking, 19-inch is the general recommended wheel size for ‘modern’ BMW 3 Series versions from 2004 onwards, though numerous proprietors will pick to upgrade to even bigger 20-inch, 21-inch or 22-inch wheels relying on their details requirements and also style.

BMW 3 Series Wheel Offset Guide

Commonly, BMW 3 Series versions feature high-offset wheel fitments with ET40+ recommended from the factory. In the last few years this has changed with recommendations for acceptable 3 Collection offsets dropping as low as ET30.

Offered the fairly huge arch space of the 3 Collection there’s lots of space for owners to play with various wheel balanced out and size mixes with ET20 specifically preferred amongst the owners of changed 3 Series autos for an ultra-aggressive appearance.

Best Wheels For BMW 3 Collection– Bolt On Fitment

The recommended wheels for BMW 3 Series automobiles below will certainly fit directly on modern-day 3 Series (2004+ version years) without the need for any adjustments to your suspension or arcs, or for accessories like wheel spacers or PCD hub adapters.

Generally, BMW models will take a staggered wheel established up, which indicates that the rear wheels are larger than the front wheels to much better fill the back arches and maintain the rear-wheel drive lorry more secure under velocity and also cornering.

However square setups where all wheels coincide size will still function as well as are becoming a significantly preferred choice among 3 Series proprietors as it allows each of the 4 tyres to be exchanged around to lengthen tyre life.

Fox Racing MS007 Matt Carbon– 19×8.5 ET35 5×120

DRC DMF Black Polished– 19×8.5 ET33 5×120

AXE CS LITE Hyper Black– 19×8.5 ET35 5×120/ 19×9.5 ET35 5×120

Finest Wheels For BMW 3 Series– Aggressive Fitment

Most bolt-on wheel upgrades for the BMW 3 Series will follow the same conventional tolerances as BMW’s manufacturing facility wheels, however several proprietors may prefer a lot more hostile fitment with larger diameters, sizes and also offsets.

See our listing of suggested wheels as well as fitments if you desire an aggressive set up for your 3 Series, however please realize that this might undergo transform depending on your tire sizing and sidewall height, the distinct sizing, form as well as resistances of each model’s body panels and also the wheel placement specs. 3 Series owners who have actually fitted big brake packages and also coilovers to their cars and trucks will certainly need to bear this in mind as this may impact just how much room there remains in the arch for the wheels to fit.

Many brake and also coilover suppliers suggest leaving a gap of a minimum of 2-3mm between the wheels and suspension/brake parts to make up wheel flex and warm growth in order to avoid massaging.

If your wheels are massaging, you can either decide for the very same wheel with a lower balanced out when possible or add wheel spacers to press the wheels additionally out as well as away from the suspension as well as brakes.