Found a rat in my house, is there more?

If I were to see a rat in my house, I would be very worried indeed. At the difference of mice, house rats do not necessarily live within the building, or even nearby. Rats can easily travel 300 metres around their nest. Rats in London are notoriously present and we can’t really say how many rats actually live in London.

It is therefore important for any rat pest control services to take this into account. Placing poison would be in effect a never ending strategy. Once a run is created by rats, it will be easily followed by other ones, no matter where they originate from. How to kill rats would not even matter as more would eventually keep on coming.

So if I would find a rat in my house, there would be more, for sure. Rats in London flats, above all at basement and ground floor level, are often linked to the sewer systems. The rat infestation is hence often the results of a number of faults that open up the way to the inside of your home.

Our homes are normally connected to the main sewers that are typically rat infested. To prevent the rats from flooding into the domestic sewage system, there is a rodding eye cap at man hole level that cut off their access. The rodding eye cap is coupled with a u-bend that rats shy away from as to allow the mess from our toilets to get disposed of.

When that cap goes missing, the rats can follow the drain pipes until they reach the u-bend of your toilets. In rare instances, rats swim through and intrude into your home through the toilet bowl. But more often than not, they would chew through the pipes or the flex connection linking with your toilet into the void space of your home.

What happens if we put a rat trap is that we catch a rat pretty soon. If we would place bait, the rats would eat the bait and die, and occasionally stink up the place. After a while you normally kill the rats that are in the near vicinity and the rat infestation comes to an end. But if you stop there, the rat infestation normally returns after a matter of months or year to become a recurring issue.

At inoculand pest control, the rat exterminator will systematically look for the inspection chamber for your home to test for rat activity. Often placing a 1-way valve there will stop rats from reaching your home further down. But when the inspection chamber has been covered by an extension, or that it cannot be located, then the only way forward is to limit the rat problem by doing the rat proofing of your home.

It is saddening to see clients having to live with a recurring rat problem and rat noises under the floor or within the walls. How to tell how many rats are in your house is not easy, how to get rid of rats in your house fast is often not enough. The best is to work out how to keep the rats out of your house.