Choosing the right office sign or business sign

When choosing the right office sign or reception wall sign for your business, you’ll find that after a quick search online looking at ideas of other custom made signs that there are many different types and styles available. So which one is right for your business? Well, there’s no straightforward answer I’m afraid, sorry! However, in this blog, we look at a few factors which will help you narrow down the options available to make it easier for you to decide.

A few factors to bear in mind:

  1. The logo design itself for your company logo will usually determine how the sign can be produced. For example, if you have a really complex logo then it may be too fiddly and difficult to produce as a 3D office logo, therefore you may be restricted to using materials such as coloured vinyl to produce an office wall sign vinyl decal, or having the logo sign produced as an office wall plaque,
  2. The overall size of your office wall sign will play a huge factor in choosing the right method of production because if you’d like your logo to be displayed quite large on your office wall then it’ll make it physically easier to produce compared with if you wanted the logo to be about the size of an A3 or A4 piece of paper. If the office sign needs to be quite small then you may be restricted to using certain materials and having your sign as a glass plaque, acrylic plaque or stainless steel plaque,
  3. The wall space available for mounting your sign will determine how big your sign will be. If you wanted to mount your office wall sign to a small internal wall then naturally the size of the sign will be quite small. A sign maker will usually ask you how big the wall is which you’re mounting the sign to so that the actual sign itself can be produced at a proportionate size which will sit well on the wall.
  4. Budget available – yes, this is usually the most important factor which has the final say in what type of sign you’ll end up choosing to have displayed within the office. Because every office sign produced is bespoke and made to order, it’s very difficult for sign makers to display a generic price guide, so as a rule of thumb we always suggest looking at two or three options so that you can compare prices and see whether that top-of-the-range office sign you wanted is worth it or whether you can settle for a medium-range office sign.

The above four factors are just some simple points to bear in mind and the changes are you’ve probably already seen the style of sign you want so now it’s just a case working out how big the sign needs to be and what materials you’d like it to be produced in.

Here’s a few popular styles of signage used these days which you may find useful:

Raised Metal Office Signs: There’s a huge range of metals available such as brushed aluminium, brushed stainless steel, polished golds, polished stainless steel and chrome-effect metals. If you’d like the logo to be produced in a particular metal-effect then the chances are there’s a pre-coloured metal which can be used. This method of production is essentially a flat piece of metal, usually about 2-3mm thick which is cut to the design of your logo or font used for the letters, and which has raised wall fixings mounted to each part which makes the logo raised and protrude off the wall.

3D metal sign 3D Metal Office Signs: For the ultimate wow-factor, these 3D metal signs really do make your logo stand out – literally! Usually fabricated from metals such as polished or brushed stainless steel and also available in many other colored metals and finishes such as polished gold or brushed gold, these built up 3D channel letters are handmade and can be produced in many different sizes and thicknesses, depending on the complexity of the font or design of the logo. The face of the letters are laser cut to the shape of the logo and then the sides of the letters are welded on to create depth. The letters are hollow & lightweight.

painted metal letters Painted Metal Office Signs: If your logo is a specific colour and you’d like the office sign to be hard wearing and produced in metal then the sign itself can be produced from a sheet of steel or aluminium which is typically 2-10mm thick which can be powder-coated or spray-painted to the colours used in your logo brand guidelines. Each section of the logo can be fitted with raised wall fixings so that when it’s mounted to a wall, it protrudes slightly by about 10mm which gives the logo a three-dimensional raised look with a slightly shadowing effect. This is very popular especially for corporate signage.

Painted 3D Metal Office Signs: In a similar way to the above options showing the painted metal letters, the 3D metal signs are a great way of creating a coloured office sign but with the added bonus of looking chunkier and with more depth so that the brand name of logo really stands proud off the wall. With all 3D metal signs, the face of the letters are laser cut to the shape of the logo and then the sides are welded on to create depth. This allows the letters to be hollow and lightweight and they can then be powder-coated or spray painted to the desired colours. The letters are then mounted to the wall using hidden fixings.

Perspex Signs: This is a very popular choice and method of production for creating a business sign or office sign as the acrylic is usually available in a huge range of colours and thicknesses so you’re able to create your logo in a professional way and at an affordable price. If your logo needs to be a specific colour or if there’s not a close enough colour available in the range then the acrylic can be painted or a coloured vinyl can be applied to it to create the desired effect. The acrylic is cut to the design of your logo and then fitted with raised wall fixings to make the logo raised and protrude off from the wall.

Perspex Office Plaques: If you’re limited for space and would like to display your company logo or details somewhere within the premises such as by an entrance door for example, then an acrylic plaque sign is a great way of utilizing the space and to clearly display your brand. Perspex plaques can be produced in a number of thicknesses and overall sizes so you’re really spoiled for choice as you’re able to pretty much have any design applied to the plaque as the branding is usually printed onto a durable vinyl which is applied to the reverse side of the acrylic which protects it from getting scratched of weathered.

glass office sign plaqueGlass Office Plaques: Just like the acrylic plaque option above, a toughened glass office sign is a great feature to have on an office wall especially if you’re limited on space. Glass plaques typically cost a little more to produce however they’re a little easier to maintain because every time you polish or clean an acrylic plaque, the surface of the acrylic can become slightly dull. With a glass plaque however, you’ll find that it stays shinier for longer. Just make sure it’s mounted to a wall which is not likely to get bumped into as the glass could shatter! Glass plaques are available in a number of shapes and sizes.

office sign plaque steel Stainless Steel Office Sign Plaque: For that high-end corporate effect, stainless steel plaques are a great way of producing a sign which looks like it means business! Typically produced in either a mirror polished-effect stainless steel or either a brushed effect stainless steel, the logo or content for the plaque is engraved into the face of the sign and then a range of coloured paint is used to produce the desired effect for the lettering or logo design. There are a number of ways which the plaque can then be mounted to the wall with either raised fixings, flush fixings, or mounted to a decorative wooden base platform.

close brothers vinyl logo Vinyl Office Signage Graphics: Vinyl graphics and vinyl decals are a really good, cost-effective way of producing your office signage or branding, as vinyl as a material is so versatile and available in a huge range of colours, sizes and effects. Not all signage needs to be chunky and raised off the wall, and sometimes having a raised office sign may be impractical, especially if it’s prone to getting knocked of damaged. Vinyl is used all over the planet and can be digitally printed and cut to specific shapes to create the desired effect. This is certainly an option to be considered when choosing your new office sign.