Breakdown cover guide

Your questions about breakdown cover answered

Should you drive, you have most likely heard about breakdown cover. Though you could be wondering, precisely what is it, what is provided, and do I truly want it?

We have got all of the answers to frequently asked questions about breakdown cover, incorporating various kinds of policies and whatever they really mean.

What’s breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover from QDOS Breakdown is a given service that makes sure you receive assistance in case your car breaks down. It is able to use to nearly every vehicle type, from cars to vans to motorbikes – and also fleets plus company cars.

The car of yours could break down for a selection of reasons, like a dull battery or maybe a dull tyre. If you are at the roadside – and even at home – a breakdown service will send out a mechanic out to the car of yours to try and resolve the issue.

If the technician cannot solve the car there and then, they will get the car of yours to a garage for vehicle repairs.
Is breakdown cover really worth having?

Breaking down is often a stressful and scary situation – particularly in case you digest someplace dangerous, like on a motorway. Breakdown cover provides you with peace of mind that assist will be there if you want it and you will not be left stranded.

Plus, having a description policy already in place might help save you money in case your car breaks down.

The typical price of a call out starting from a neighborhood garage is £80.
A description on the motorway can cost more than £150.

It is often less costly to purchase a year’s policy in advance than digest and also be made to call somebody out there in an emergency.
Does car insurance cover breakdowns?

Breakdown cover is an additional service which is not included in standard car insurance policies. Car insurance can help you cover costs in case you have had a crash. Breakdown cover can help you with repairs and healing whenever your car’s broken down.

Nevertheless, your breakdown provider may have an additional program to assist if you’ve a crash. Accident Assist offers our Members assist with maintenance, people damage or vehicle hire support in case they want it.

What’s private and vehicle breakdown cover?

Most breakdown cover providers are going to offer two types of policy:

Personal breakdown cover
Vehicle breakdown cover

Both private and vehicle cover is able to apply to a selection of vehicles as motorbikes and vans, as well as cars. But here are a few differences between them.
Personal breakdown cover

This focuses on you whether you are in your own personal car or maybe someone else’s, like a good friend or maybe family member’s. Whether you are a passenger or maybe a driver, you will have the ability to call out a breakdown program in case the car you are in breaks down. It is often the ideal choice in case you want cover in several cars.

This cover may fit you if:

You sometimes drive various cars.
Your household has over 1 car.
You want to cover the children of yours as passengers in some other cars.

Personal breakdown cover typically costs much more than vehicle cover. In case you are the single policy holder, you will have to have the car for the cover to try. It will not cover others driving the car without you.

Though you are able to add additional people to the policy of yours in case you take out joint or maybe family cover.
Vehicle breakdown cover

This addresses a specific car in case it breaks down, no matter who is operating it. The breakdown service provider is going to come out to fix the car even if the individual who owns it is not there.

This cover may fit you if:

You simply drive 1 car
Your household shares one car

Vehicle breakdown cover is a far more cost-effective option as it is often cheaper than individual cover. Though you will not be covered whether you break down in somebody else’s car, both as a passenger or maybe a driver.

What exactly are the various levels of breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover is not a single size fits all. You can choose from various levels of cover with increased flexibility and service to match your driving habits.

Most breakdown cover providers are going to give you the option of these cover amounts, which may also be combined together:
Roadside Assistance

This’s the regular level of protection and is the least expensive tier you are able to get. All breakdown cover providers are going to give you at least this fitness level of service. Roadside Assistance usually includes:

24/7 support in case your car breaks down at the roadside
A mechanic is going to come out to the car of yours and attempt to repair it
If it cannot be fixed then and there, you will have a tow to the closest garage

Though this standard level of protection has some limitations:

It will not protect you in your home (you normally need to be a minimum distance away, for instance, 1/4 of a mile from home).
You will be towed to the closest garage and not to a spot of the choice of yours.
In case you require alternate travel arrangements, you will need to organise this yourself.

National Recovery – Relay

National Recovery provides you with each of similar companies as Roadside Assistance, but with the additional advantage that:

When your car cannot be fixed at the roadside, it will be towed back to virtually any place of the decision of yours, somewhere in the nation.

This may be available in case you are on a journey quite a distance from home. You are able to decide being used back home or even to your neighborhood garage, rather than to the garage nearest the location in which you broke down.

Most breakdown cover providers are going to recover you and the passengers of yours, but there might be a limit on the number of individuals will be recovered with you. It will be more expensive to add National Recovery to the cover of yours.
At Home – Home Start

At Home cover supplies the exact same companies as Roadside Assistance, but with the advantage that:

The car of yours will be discussed for breakdowns at close and home to home.
Typically this can be applied within a particular distance from home, for instance within 1/4 of a mile from the home of yours.

You would be amazed the number of breakdowns materialize on someone’s very own driveway. It may be a flat battery overnight or a slow puncture that suggests you wake approximately a dull tyre the next day.

With At Home cover, a technician is going to come to the house of yours to try and address the car of yours then and there. It will cost a little much more to add this to a regular Roadside Assistance policy.